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Boston College Vs. USC Televised By The Pac-12 Network

Eagles-Trojans on the Pac-12 Network ... the what?

Stephen Dunn

While we still don't have a kickoff time, we do know that the September 14 game between Boston College and USC will be televised on the Pac-12 Network. That's ... highly disappointing for Eagles fans living in the Northeast. That is, unless your cable provider is Hawaiian Telecom or something.

Here's the Pac-12 Channel Finder. Good luck with that. The only local cable providers that carry the Pac-12 Network in Chestnut Hill are Comcast and DISH Network. The network is channel 194 on Comcast, 413 on DISH Network.

The game will also be accessible online as part of the conference's Pac-12 Now experience, but only available to customers who get a Pac-12 channel as part of their cable package. Again, good luck with that.

I highly doubt that when this deal was inked, either school's athletics director thought that this game would be relegated to a regional sports network, but 2-10 ... bottoming out ... Spaz ... USC NCAA sanctions ... etc. It is what it is, I guess.

All the more reason to make the trip out to southern California this September.