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Boston College 30, UMass 7: Quotables

Postgame reactions from players and coaches following BC's 30-7 opening weekend win over UMass.

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Head Coach Steve Addazio overall impressions

Thought our team played a strong, hard, pretty clean game...a couple early penalties cost us in the red zone. All and all, pleased with opening day, now put that with what it is- it's opening day, we got a lot of work to do. I thought UMass, I thought Mark Whipple and his staff did a great job. You can see the improvement of their football team and that was evident to me. I think they have good things to come.

We are trying to get better. Each week improve. The biggest growth in the football team is in the first few weeks. We took a positive step but we have to continue to grow. We are a real strong, physical, kind of move the ball down the field team, but I would like to see if we can create big yardage explosives.

Addazio on how Tyler held up his end managing the team

I was extremely proud and excited about Tyler today. He managed the game like a veteran big time player.

QB Tyler Murphy on the concerns he had

I wanted to come out and take care of the football. I realized it wasn't going to be one of those days. I take
what they give us. So I started to take a little shorter routes. I thought I played alright. There's still a lot of room to approve and ways to get better.

Murphy on how he works on leadership

You have to find a way to motivate guys, push guys and get them to buy into the program. Letting them
feel my presence, letting them know I'm there.

LB Sean Duggan on UMass QB Blake Frohnapfel

He [Frohnapfel] is a great quarterback. He is the brain of the operation. When you rattle him you kind of
shake the offense. That's a goal every single week. We kept racking up hits. If you keep hitting it, the rock will crack eventually.

Duggan on Murphy

He's something else. We knew that at training camp. He's a hell of a player, great leader, only great things to say about him.

DB Bryce Jones

We had to do our job. We wanted to make them 1 dimensional. I think this game gave us a confidence boost and now we can take this short week and get right to it and really just move forward and keep progressing.

UMass coach Mark Whipple overall impressions

I thought we matched up physically in the first half. Blake missed some throws and I thought we had to make some throws to get some momentum and that didn't happen. We're a work in progress. Overall I'm not happy but I'm not displeased.

I don't think we played very complimentary offense and defense.

Their quarterback was better than ours. He was the player of the game and we didn't tackle him very well.

UMass quarterback Blake Frohnapfel on missing some throws

Those are throws where a team like that, you don't get a lot of chances like that and those are ones that we need to hit an if we hit it might have been a different game."

Frohnapfel on not converting after Jette's interception

After his pick that's when you're trying to make something happen in that situation and having the (intentional) grounding kind of stalled us a little bit. That's a situation where we have to make something happen there.

Frohnapfel on the defense's effort

The main thing for us is we have to step it up on offense. They kind of id a god job but we kind of kept them on the fied too long with three and out, three and out. As an offense that's something we have to do better.

UMass cornerback Randall Jette on the defense's effort

It's our job to give the offense the best opportunities as possible. We had plays we left on the field.

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