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Syracuse 20 Boston College 17: Mercifully This Season Comes To A Close

The 2015 season is finally over.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College's season is over and for that we can be thankful. The Eagles went into Syracuse and it was just more of the same as the defense held it's own, while the offense couldn't do much of anything as the Eagles lost 20-17.  BC came out looking strong, with a long touchdown run for Tyler Rouse after that the offense couldn't do much of anything.

With the usual offensive gameplan of running into the heart of the defense, BC had no passing attack, waiting until 6:40 in the fourth quarter to complete their first pass, while giving the Orange good field position on two interceptions from Jeff Smith.

BC drove the field and settled on a 43 yard field goal by Colton Lichtenberg, but the defense couldn't hold on and Syracuse hit a field goal to win it with time expiring.  There really isn't much else to be said about this game. It was the perfect mixture of bad play calling and penalties.

The season is over. There are still a ton of questions about the future of this program. The offseason starts now. Go Eagles.