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Boston College Vs. Syracuse: Weekly Kickoff

The last chapter of a long season kicks off Saturday afternoon in the Carrier Dome.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

For better or for worse, the 2015 season will always be remembered in the annals of Boston College football lore. Depending on what the future holds, it'll either be the beginning or the beginning of the end for Steve Addazio. The long journey from August comes to a close, and like any offseason, the questions can begin being asked about how and where this team needs to move forward and push for progress.

There's still a matter of a football game, however. For those players competing in their final game, the future doesn't hold questions about how Boston College improves. The future is for Saturday, and that's it.

For the 49th time, Boston College plays Syracuse in a football game. While records, statistics, and trends can be debated in the offseason for both teams, this is the final time either team will play a game this season. It's a game billed as a rivalry, and given the history dating back to the old Big East, this is still a game that both teams want to emerge victorious. While fans can sit back and say it's a meaningless game on a Saturday after Thanksgiving, in the early afternoon, in western New's anything but.

This Week's Storylines (The Running Man Edition)

"I'm warning you, I get sick. Air sick, car sick. I'm gonna throw up all over you." -Amber
"Go ahead. Won't show on this shirt." -Ben Richards

I actually look at this Saturday's game as a great opportunity for the BC offense. I realize I've probably made you grumble about me being a coach apologist with that statement, but hear me out.

If you think about it, BC is playing arguably the worst team on their schedule on Saturday. Syracuse's season got away from them about the same time as the Eagles. Entering this weekend, the Orange are susceptible to giving up a ton of points, having surrendered 40 points in five of their last seven games. They've given up 500 yards in each of their last four games.

That means both teams are playing with house money. The BC offense has been a mess of injuries, inexperience, and developmental failures throughout the entire season. If they fail to move the ball with any kind of efficiency, nobody will be surprised and, at this point, I don't think anyone will be exacerbated. Everyone's kind of lost their ability to really blow fire about the situation. It is what it is in the final game.

By the same token, if they're able to move the ball, they benefit from finally playing against a terrible defense, one that's ranked 110th in the nation. If they can't move the ball, it'll be easy to just chalk it up to the 120-something ranked offense.

The way I see it, that means BC can finally relax and play some football without having to worry about how good the other team is on the other side. Being able to play a bad defense - that's something they really haven't been able to do all year. It's a good opportunity for a team entering this week as the 127th ranked offense out of 128 teams.

"You bastard! Drop dead!" -Damon Killian
"I don't do requests." -Ben Richards

Meanwhile, there's the other side of the ball. As much as we talk about the Boston College offense, Syracuse enters Saturday ranked 117th. They face a defense ranked #1.

All season long, BC hasn't quit on the field. There's no reason to think they won't here either. I would even go so far as to say the defense has a chance to pitch a shutout against this Orange offense. Sit back and enjoy that ride.

"Here is Sub-Zero! Now! Plain Zero!" -Ben Richards

This quote actually has no point. I just wanted to say it. This game is going to be played between two really bad football teams.

Are they really bad football teams, though? BC played virtually every opponent tough this year and just couldn't get it done. I realize that's the ultimate mentality taken by such fine coaches as New England Patriots Pete Carroll or New York Jets Rich Kotite, but if you look between the lines, there are seeds being sown and real positives to take away from this season. This is one last chance to put real football film in the database before moving onto the offseason.

Personally, I'm not ashamed to say I'm looking forward to the end of this season. It's been a heated, emotional affair, and I'm glad to put this behind me for a few weeks before coming back and reanalyzing everything with a clear conscious. I'll be glad to just get this in the record books and begin the process of moving forward, to build this team.

But I'm excited for one last football game before the cleats are hung up. For the seniors, playing their final game, records don't matter. They have one game left to go out and present themselves for their pride. Win or lose, all they have to do is leave it all on the field. That's all anyone can ever ask of them. It's been a trying season. Let's all muster, one more time, the support for those guys who won't be able to build for the future, and let's show this team the support it deserves. They never quit on the Boston College colors, and they deserve the respect and recognition for having battled through to the final whistle.

Matchup Fun Facts

School Name: Syracuse University
Nickname: Orange
Founded: 1870

Claimed National Championships: 1 (1959)
Heisman Trophy Winners: 1 (1961)
Postseason Bowl Record: 15-9-1

Head Coach: Scott Shafer
Years at School: 13-15

Head-to-Head with BC

All-Time Series: Syracuse leads, 29-19
Streak: BC, 1
Last BC Win: 2014
Last Syracuse Win: 2013
First Meeting: 1924