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Boston College vs. Syracuse: Whatever Happened To The Orrie T. Scarminach Memorial Award?

Whatever happened to the MVP award for the annual Boston College-Syracuse game? Let's start that up again

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

So I was perusing the Boston College football media guide the other day -- college football ... soon! -- and stumbled upon the Orrie T. Scarminach Memorial Award. The Award, named after a former Boston College football player from Syracuse killed in an automobile accident in 1982, was given annually to the MVP of the Boston College-Syracuse game from 1982-2010.

The award has been won by some of Boston College and Syracuse football's most distinguished alumni, including Doug Flutie, Glenn Foley, Don McPherson and Donovan McNabb. The award was last given out for the 2010 non-conference game between BC and Syracuse (Andre Williams) but, unless I missed it, wasn't handed out last year.

The Scarminach Memorial Award was previously coordinated by Orrie's brother, Chuck and several of Orrie's friends. From 1986-2010, the trophy was donated by former Syracuse football standout Gerhard Schwedes, whose son, Scott, won the award in 1985. Sadly, one of the founders and managers of the award, Philip A. Campolo Jr., passed away less than a year after the 2010 BC-SU game.

Boston College still awards the Orrie T. Scarminach '71 Memorial Athletic Scholarship Fund award annually -- senior defensive lineman Brian Mihalik is the current recipient of the scholarship -- though we seem to have lost the BC-Syracuse game MVP award.

While it's not a formal rivalry trophy, the Orrie T. Scarminach Memorial Award is still a pretty nice tradition both schools should probably start back up. Seems like the perfect time to do so, now that BC and Syracuse are once again conference frenemies and the annual BC-SU game has been placed alongside the ACC's other season-ending rivalry games. Hopefully the two programs can team up, scrap together some funds and restart the BC-SU memorial award named for a fallen Eagle and Syracuse native this fall.

Orrie T. Scarminach Memorial Award
Most Valuable Player in the annual Boston College vs. Syracuse football game

1982 - Vic Crawford, BC
1983 - Troy Stratford, BC
1984 - Doug Flutie, BC 
1985 - Kelvin Martin, BC, Scott Schwedes, SU
1986 - John Bosa, BC, Don McPherson, SU
1987 - Darren Flutie, BC, Don McPherson, SU
1988 - Tom Waddle, BC, Daryl Johnston, SU
1989 - Rico Labbe, BC, Rob Moore, SU
1990 - Mike Bumpus, BC, Rob Carpenter, SU
1991 - Chuckie Dukes, BC, Antonio Johnson, SU
1992 - Chuckie Dukes, BC, Marvin Graves, SU
1993 - Glenn Foley, BC
1994 - Mike Mamula, BC, Dan Conley, SU
1995 - Rob Clifford, BC, Rob Konrad, SU
1996 - Erik Storz, BC, Donovan McNabb, SU
1997 - Matt Hasselbeck, BC
1998 - Anthony DiCosmo, BC
1999 - Tim Hasselbeck, BC
2000 - Ralph Parent, BC, James Mungro, SU
2001 - William Green, BC
2002 - Derrick Knight, BC, Sean Ryan, BC, Walter Reyes, SU
2003 - Mathias Kiwanuka, BC, R.J. Anderson, SU
2004 - Ray Henderson, BC, Diamond Ferri, SU
2010 - Andre Williams, BC