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Pitt-Florida State Set For Labor Day Weekend; ACC Schedule Drops Soon

Good luck to the Panthers who will face the defending champ Florida State Seminoles in their first ACC football game.


Pittsburgh's season-opening game with Villanova on August 31 has been cancelled according to The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, setting the stage for the Panthers to play their first ACC football game on Labor Day night September 2 against the defending conference champs Florida State. An official announcement will be made on Monday.

Villanova has scheduled another game against an FBS opponent to replace Pitt this season, though that opponent has yet to be named. Both Pitt and ACC officials declined comment. Florida State will similarly have to get out of a game against Wofford.

With Pitt-Florida State set for Labor Day Monday and Syracuse reportedly set to complete its schedule with a home game against Wagner, look for the 2013 ACC schedule to drop at some point this week.

This late into 2013, the number of FBS opponents with Labor Day weekend schedule openings is probably in the single digits (if there is even anyone left). So it will be interesting to see how the ACC, Villanova and Wofford work out a deal.

One intriguing hypothetical includes the ACC and CAA brokering a deal to swap out BC's season opening game against Stony Brook for fellow CAA member Villanova. The CAA's newest member, Stony Brook, could go to Pittsburgh later in the year, while BC could host Villanova to open the season on August 31. Stony Brook and Pitt have a shared open date later in the year on October 19 based on Stony Brook's 2013 schedule, which appears to be out before the comically delayed ACC schedule.

BC and Villanova have played 45 times all-time, including every season from 1955-1980. However, the two programs haven't faced one another since 1980 (a 20-9 Wildcats win). Boston College holds a 29-15-1 edge in the all-time series. The Eagles has faced just two programs more than Villanova in program history -- Holy Cross and Syracuse. Boston College and Stony Brook have never faced one another on the gridiron. Could make a lot more sense to pair BC with Villanova and Pitt with Stony Brook this season.

In any event, we'll find out Boston College's complete 2013 football schedule soon enough. Look for the ACC schedule to drop (hopefully) this week so you can carry on with the fall wedding planning.