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It's Official: Boston College And Georgia Tech To Face Off In 2016 Aer Lingus Classic

Both schools have officially announced the news

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

And with that one tweet, it's official, Boston College and Georgia Tech will be facing off in Ireland in 2016. This time instead of playing at Croke Stadium like in year's past, this game is going to be played at Aviva Stadium, a gorgeous futbol stadium located on the outskirts of Dublin. The stadium can hold approximately 51,700 seats.

This is such a big event for Ireland that the announcement was made by their Prime Minister, Edna Kenny this morning is Dublin. Boston College, the home team will do a live press conference today at 11 from the Yawkey Center to officially announce the details of the matchup.

Now the question is, who out there is going to head to the old country? Do we need to start figuring out the logistics of a BCI meetup in Dublin?

Go Eagles.