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Report: Could Boston College Open 2016 Against Georgia Tech In Ireland?

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ACC opener could be in Ireland.

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

A few months ago Yahoo Sports reported that Boston College would be facing off against Georgia Tech in Ireland. Though neither school has confirmed or deny this rumor, it still continues to be floated on the internet. Yesterday, reported that this game could actually be the season opener for the Eagles and Yellow Jackets.

FBSchedules reported via a document request that Georgia Tech recently moved their game against Mercer. The rest of their out of conference schedule has already been set in stone with games against Vanderbilt (Sept. 17), Georgia Southern (Nov. 19) and a game at Georgia (Nov. 26). That would mean that Tech has an open slot for a conference game, the only teams without games that opening date are Boston College, Duke, and Miami.

Reading between the tea leaves it would make sense that Boston College would be that game. Since resurrecting the Emerald Isle Classic in 2012, the series has been an opening week game with both the Penn State/UCF and Notre Dame/Navy game being the last weekend in August, first weekend in September. If BC/GT is going to happen, they would both need to have that slot open, which now they do. This game would count as a home game for the Eagles, as they were scheduled to host the Yellow Jackets in 2016.

Since joining the ACC in 2005, BC and Georgia Tech have only faced one another three times in ten years. BC won the 2007 game in Atlanta, 24-10. Georgia Tech returned the favor a year later, eking out a 19-16 victory on the Heights. The Jackets won the most recent meeting, 37-17, down in Atlanta during the 2012 season. Georgia Tech leads the all-time series 4-2.

If this game is to happen in Ireland, it probably will be announced this summer. Penn State announced their Emerald Isle game in July the season before.

Props to BCI reader/commenter/scheduling guru MattBC03 for catching this and alerting us to it.