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Getcha Popcorn Ready: BC vs. UConn Is Happening And Man Oh Man It Will Be Fun

Admitting it is the first step in the road to recovery

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

It's been rumored for a while, but it looks like BC vs. UConn will finally meet on the football field once again. And oh, what a venom-filled hate-fest it will be.

Some of you think this will not be fun. Oh, sirs and ladies, you are very wrong.

There is a reason every single BC Interruption post about UConn blows up into triple digit comments. There's a reason everyone makes a point about showing up to let everyone else know they don't care about this game.

It's because you care.

There's already a large contingent of BC fans that openly admit they want this game to happen. You can pretend it's not true, but you know it's true, because every time it's mentioned the bickering takes a week to stop.

For a long time, I, too, was one of the many who lived in darkness, afraid to step out into the bright sunlight and admit that playing UConn in football would be fun. Then I went to another BC vs. BU hockey game...the BC vs. UMass game at Gillette...the BC vs. UConn hockey game at the XL Center...

They all had something in common: I absolutely hated the people on the other side of the stadium, and they hated me. There, on opposite sides of the stadium, sat two fanbases who saw across from them a baselessly arrogant inferior "other team" that had the audacity to think they were good, that they even belonged in the same game.

You want to pretend the anklebiter yipping at your feet isn't bothering you, so you keep ignoring it until finally you just want to punt it across the street.

All the talk is so easy refute when it's just talk. "UConn went to a BCS Bowl game, something BC never did!" "Yeah, well UConn was the unranked champion of a garbage conference!" "Oh please, BC is irrelevant, no one cares, the rest of the conference doesn't even want you there!" "BC is in a Power 5 conference, beat USC just last season, and played in two ACC championship games within the last several years!" "XXX has terrible attendance!" "Well XXX is still recovering from the rock-bottom of being 2-10 because of the worst coach in program history; just wait a year or two, you'll see!"

It's all talk. But if you step back and notice, the point is that there's all that talk. The hate is simmering. On the outside, you say you don't care about UConn, but you see the arrogance about their worthless football history and want to shove it back in their faces and remind them how inferior they are to us. But you know what? UConn feels the same way about us. And it's time to suck it up and let it be settled on the field.

Ball don't lie.

We'll lose eventually. And it will suck. A lot. Anyone who went to the sold-out XL Center to see BC lose in hockey in a deafening pro-UConn atmosphere can attest to that. Maybe it won't happen in 2016, and maybe it won't happen in 2017, but with the apparent resumption of hostilities on the horizon—Blauds is reporting that the game will be annual starting in the 2020's—it's going to happen eventually, and if you want to pretend you don't care about them now, you won't be able to then.

Some BC fans don't want to play UConn as some sort of punishment for its role in the Big East/ACC lawsuit. Please. There's no sense in cutting off your nose to spite your face, and that's exactly what BC's refusal to play UConn has been. If you don't think BC vs. UConn will easily top 40,000 people at Alumni Stadium, you are either delusional or just don't want to admit it.

There's also the crowd that clings to the excuse of a few scumbags mistreating BC fans in the last game against the Huskies, like UConn is the only school with drunken idiot students.

And that's exactly what it is from BC fans. It's excuses. You want to pretend the anklebiter yipping at your feet isn't bothering you, so you keep ignoring it until finally you just want to punt it across the street.

So just let it out. Admit that the proximity between the two schools and the off-the-field history has built up a unique potential rivalry and that maybe, just maybe, you would enjoy dropkicking those pups back to their rightful place in the loss column. It's a lot easier that way. And it'll be a lot more fun when you do.

In the meantime, please, be sure to come out of the woodwork to make sure everyone knows how much you don't care about playing this game.

Methinks thou dost protest too much.