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Boston College Football: Get To Know The Dudes - #53, LS Leonard Skubal

Today get to know a dude, our long snapper Leonard Skubal

Brian Favat, BC Interruption

Name: Leonard Skubal

Position: Long Snapper

Number: #53

Year: Sophomore

Height: 5-foot-10

Weight: 205 lbs.

Hometown: Deerfield Beach, Florida

High School: St. Thomas Aquinas

2013 Stats:Though there are no stats in the books for Skubal given the position he plays, he started every game for the Eagles and his snaps could partly be accredited to our superb kicking and punting game last year.

2014 Projections: Skubal will start again this year as he has the experience at long snapper. It is certainly a benefit to the special teams crew that they now have a kid out there with experience, and someone who can do this for three more years at a high level.

How'd He Get Here: Committed to Boston College after playing both sides of the ball for St. Thomas Aquinas. His recruiting information doesn't appear to be available online.

Twitter Feed: n/a

Uniform History: The first varsity football player to wear 53 was Louis Kidhart, a tackle who wore it from 1937-1939. Bob Vissers a starting defensive end during the Flutie years, and who made a key fumble recovery against Army in 1982 wore it.  There have actually been a string of effective linebackers that have worn the number. Rich Ramirez, a LB from 1972 wore it, and was named to the Varsity Club Hall of Fame in 2012. Future NFL superstar and Hollywood actor Bill Romanowski wore it during his reign of terror at the Heights from 1984-1987. Almost immediately after him, inside linebacker and future Jacksonville Jaguar Tom McManus wore it from 1989-1992. McManus went on to play five years in the NFL and is now a radio host in Jacksonville. Mike Morrissey who saw some playing time in 2007 wore the number as well.


National Signing Day Opening Thread 2012 (BC Interruption)


Skubal did some work with a long snapping clinic. Here are the highlights