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Boston College Football: Get To Know The Dudes - #46, CB E.J. Fortenberry

Get to know the dudes, today E.J. Fortenberry

Darren McCollester

Name: E.J Fortenberry

Position: Cornerback

Number: #46

Year: Freshman

Height: 5 foot 9

Weight: 159  lbs.

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

High School: Crossroads HS

2013 Stats: N/A

2014 Projections: Has to be a walk on for the Eagles. At 5'9 159lbs you have to imagine that he is going to be a practice squad, unless he is the Johnny Gaudreau of the gridiron.

How'd He Get Here: Walk on prior to the 2014 season.

Twitter Feed: You can follow E.J at @KawncEDJ

Tweetable: His tweets are private

Uniform History: David Dillon, an end from Ashmont MA was the first known player to wear this jersey. Defensive end Paul Shaw wore the number 46 for three years during the early 80's. Jason Pahopek a defensive end wore the number, and you can read more about him in a throw back edition of the Heights. Brian Maye, a captain also was the most penalized BC player during the betting scandal also wore the number. Two recent punters have worn the number as well, Johnny Ayers and current Jets punter Ryan Quigley

Because I couldn't find any linkage or film on EJ Fortenberry, here is the music video Santa Monica (E.J's hometown) by Everclear, one of the worst bands of the 90s.