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Boston College Football Recruiting: 2015 Class Offer Breakdown

How did BC fare on the recruiting trail in 2015?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

National Signing Day 2015 is in the books. Let's see how BC fared.

Rivals ranked the class as the 45th-best recruiting class in the nation, and 10th in the conference. 247Sports ranked the class 60th best and 12th in the conference, while Scout ranks the class 58th and 11th in the ACC. Those rankings look remarkably similar to how they looked a year ago. That BC took three fewer players this year seems to give the slight nod to this year's recruiting class as the more highly rated—at least in terms of average number of stars per player.

Team Recruiting Rankings, 2014-2015

2014 Overall 2014 ACC 2015 Overall 2015 ACC
Rivals 42 8 45 10
247Sports 52 11 60 12
Scout 57 12 58 11

More than stars and class rankings, I find it informative to look at the head-to-head recruiting battles. What programs did BC beat out for players this past recruiting cycle, and which programs out-recruited BC on aggregate?

Using Rivals database of offers, I looked at two things:

1) Where do guys with Boston College offers end up? Who is beating Boston College on the players they offered?
2) On other schools' offer lists, how many players ended up at BC? Who did BC beat for players?

Let's see how Boston College fared against some other programs:


Program Committed Elsewhere Committed to BC Difference
Louisville Cardinals 1 2 1
Syracuse Orange 3 4 1
Virginia Cavaliers 3 4 1
Duke Blue Devils 3 2 -1
N.C. State Wolfpack 1 0 -1
Wake Forest Demon Deacons 3 2 -1
Pittsburgh Panthers 4 2 -2
Virginia Tech Hokies 3 1 -2
North Carolina Tar Heels 3 0 -3
Clemson Tigers 4 0 -4
Florida State Seminoles 4 0 -4
Miami-Florida Hurricanes 5 1 -4
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 6 0 -6

– Last year, Boston College won head-to-head recruiting battles on aggregate with just one program: N.C. State. This year, that number jumped to three: Louisville, Syracuse and Virginia. However, the rest of the conference beat BC head-to-head, including Wake Forest and a Pittsburgh team going through a coaching change. That's disappointing.

– Last year, Virginia Tech was the only ACC school to sweep Boston College in the head-to-head. This year, that total is back up to five schools—N.C. State, North Carolina, Clemson, Florida State, and Georgia Tech—with the Yellow Jackets the big winner. C'mon, Al Washington!

– In all, 43 recruits holding BC offers went elsewhere in the ACC. That's the exact same number as last year. However, BC saw the number of offers from other ACC schools claimed by recruits dip slightly this year, from 22 to 18.


Program Committed Elsewhere Committed to BC Difference
Connecticut Huskies 0 7 7
Cincinnati Bearcats 0 3 3
Navy Midshipmen 0 2 2
East Carolina Pirates 0 1 1
Memphis Tigers 0 1 1
South Florida Bulls 1 2 1
UCF Knights 1 2 1
Temple Owls 2 2 0

– For the second straight year, BC cleaned up in the American Athletic Conference. Over the past two years, you can really start to see the widening gap between Power 5 conference program recruiting and the Group of 5 (though, unfortunately, you can also see a widening gap between the top tier Power 5 conference programs and everyone else).

– A total of seven BC recruits claimed UConn offers with not one Huskies recruit claiming a BC offer. In two years, BC recruits claim a total of 13 offers from UConn.

– BC didn't lose a single head-to-head recruiting battle on aggregate against any American Athletic Conference team, though Temple did manage to draw even at 2-2 this year. I see you, former Fighting Addazios.

Big Ten

Program Committed Elsewhere Committed to BC Difference
Iowa Hawkeyes 0 1 1
Minnesota Golden Gophers 1 1 0
Rutgers Scarlet Knights 4 4 0
Michigan Wolverines 1 0 -1
Nebraska Cornhuskers 2 1 -1
Purdue Boilermakers 1 0 -1
Wisconsin Badgers 2 1 -1
Indiana Hoosiers 4 2 -2
Maryland Terrapins 5 2 -3
Michigan State Spartans 4 1 -3
Northwestern Wildcats 8 2 -6
Ohio State Buckeyes 7 0 -7
Penn State Nittany Lions 16 0 -16

– Here's where things start to get a little NSFW. A total of 55 Big Ten recruits claim BC offers, while BC recruits claim just 15 offers from Big Ten programs.

– Penn State continues to obliterate BC on the recruiting trail, particularly in the Northeast. Once again, well over half (16) of the Nittany Lions' 25-man recruiting class claim a BC offer. No BC recruit claims a Penn State offer (though, according to Zach Allen's HS coach, he was mulling a Penn State offer. I don't know if programs like PSU are extra diligent with what offers get posted to a players' Rivals profile or what). Regardless, BC and Penn State's three-year, aggregate head-to-head recruiting battle score is not pretty, and stands at 37-1.

– Losing the head-to-head with Ohio State 7-0 isn't surprising. Losing the head-to-head with Northwestern 8-2, despite flipping Zach Allen's commitment late, is not good, particularly given the Wildcats' rough year in a really, really bad division. BC has a hard enough time as it is keeping up with the top teams in the Big Ten and can ill afford to add Northwestern to the list of program's drinking Addazio's milkshake recruiting.

– The 55-15 tally is more or less in line with where it was a year ago (56-19). Still, the trendline is positive given the score was 59-to-3 (!) the year before Addazio showed up on the Heights.


Program Committed Elsewhere Committed to BC Difference
Massachusetts Minutemen 0 8 8
Akron Zips 0 2 2
Western Michigan Broncos 3 5 2
Ball State Cardinals 0 1 1
Bowling Green Falcons 0 1 1
Buffalo Bulls 0 1 1
Miami-Ohio Redhawks 0 1 1
Northern Illinois Huskies 0 1 1
Toledo Rockets 1 2 1
Kent State Golden Flashes 1 0 -1

– Like UConn, Boston College continues to clean up at its in-state and MAC counterpart UMass. A total of eight BC recruits claimed UMass offers. No UMass recruits claimed BC offers. Last year, BC won the head-to-head 10-1. Three-year total now stands at 20-1. Fence-building 101, really.

– Surprisingly good showing from Western Michigan this year. Not sure what that's all about. Still, BC won the head-to-head 5 to 3.

– BC didn't end up trolling the MAC quite as much as they did last year. This year's aggregate stands at 22-5. Last year it was 25-2, and two years ago just 10-3. Thanks Spaz.

The Rest

– Another 0-for year vs. Notre Dame. 0-for-8 this year. 0-for-6 two years ago and 0-for-9 the year before that. BC's recruiting will really take a leap forward when it starts winning a few head-to-head battles here.

– 0-for-6 vs. the Big 12, with Kansas State, Oklahoma and West Virginia all landing recruits with claimed BC offers.

– Lost 20-to-2 against Pac-12 schools. The only Pac-12 programs represented among BC recruits claimed offers were Arizona and UCLA. BC lost the head-to-head with Stanford 8-0. Ouch.

– 3-2 vs. the Mountain West. Boise State and San Jose State landed recruits with a claimed BC offer. Two BC recruits claimed an offer from the Air Force Academy.

– Surprising number of offers went out to recruits that landed in the SEC. 27, to be exact. BC landed just two recruits with claimed offers from SEC schools. Both happened to be Kentucky, though the Wildcats still won 3-2. A total of 6 Auburn recruits claimed a BC offer, the highest total in the conference.

– Boston College beat out Conference USA teams 11-2 and Sun Belt teams 4-2.

– BC went 25-6 vs. FCS schools. I was surprised how many BC recruits claimed Ivy League offers this year and went ahead and listed them on their recruiting page. The only two FCS schools that out-recruited BC were Richmond and Towson for some odd reason.

– Top five biggest head-to-head wins, on aggregate: UMass (+8), Connecticut (+7), Florida International (+4), Cincinnati (+3), FCS New Hampshire (+3) and Old Dominion (+3)

– Top five biggest head-to-head defeats: Penn State (-16), Stanford (-8), Notre Dame (-8), Ohio State (-7), Georgia Tech (-6), Northwestern (-6), Auburn (-6)

Anything else stand out to you this year? For comparisons, here are the 2014 and 2013 class breakdowns.