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Boston College Football Recruiting Notebook: September 1st, 2015

What's going on in the world of BC recruiting?

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

In an effort to keep you informed of all things BC recruiting, we are going to try and put together a weekly notebook that highlights what's going on in the world of Eagles recruiting. Here is some updates for this week

Fall Lulls

In two plus years at the Heights, Steve Addazio has shown one thing. When it comes to the fall he is all business on the field. Last season he didn't receive any commitments during game weeks, and this year doesn't appear to be any different. All accounts point to a few available scholarships remaining for the Class of 2016. With Mike Giacone's impending medical redshirt, that number probably will be decreased by one as his scholarship will be carried over to next season. At this point he is probably going to hold on to those scholarships for a few different scenarios. He could grab a marquee player that is holding out like offensive lineman Lucas Niang of Connecticut. He could wait until December and use them to fill in the backend of the recruiting class, or he could save them for another 5th year transfer. All are options on the table.

Planning Ahead

Even though recruiting for this class is slowing down, it's just heating up for the recruiting class of 2017. Numerous recruits are going to be heading to the Heights this fall (along with some members of 2016). In this notebook we will try and report on any recruit that is visiting Alumni Stadium. Right now, I have been told that local running back Kevin Mensah III will be visiting the Eagles against FSU.

If you are a coach or player and want to be included in our notes, please email me at BCHysteria at gmail dot com.

Orange Schaudenfreude

Look, Boston College fans should have no right to laugh at recruiting failures of the Orange, but here we are. The poor Orange had arguably one of the best recruits in the past decade, when 4* Robert Washington committed to Syracuse. However, after some bizarre tweets, he decommitted from Syracuse and decided to commit to Florida instead. Why are we reporting this? Washington brought along fellow RB Moe Neal to Syracuse. Neal had BC in his Top 5. He is planning on enrolling early. Could Washington's departure and/or struggles at Syracuse change his mind?

A Name To Watch

Massachusetts had a relatively low profile class of recruits this year, and two of the top three decided to go elsewhere. However looking at the Class of 2017 there is one name to watch out for, running back A.J. Dillon of Lawrence Academy. The four star running back has offers right now from Syracuse, Virginia and lesser schools like UConn, but with his ranking (254th in the nation according to Rivals) other major program's interest could soon rocket. If BC could bring him in, he would be the kind of kid you could envision succeeding Jon Hilliman (hard to imagine looking that far ahead but we should), and could be that kind of marquee recruit to make a class. Certainly a kid to watch

Found a recruiting nugget? Email AJ at bchysteria at gmail dot com