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Could A Pro Style QB Be The Future Direction Of Boston College Football?

Interesting article today in Rivals about Jack Coan and the future of BC football.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Today on, writer Justin Rowland talked about Boston College's offer to 2017 recruit Jack Coan, a pro-style quarterback from New York. We already knew about the offer, but Rowland extrapolates further to talk about BC's offense and future plans:

BC's interest in Coan, and more significantly their early offer to him, is a validation of what we've been hearing: Namely, that BC seems to prefer a quarterback that's more of a passer than a runner, as they've signed in recent years. Or at the very least they want someone that's really known for being a good passer, whether pro-style or dual-threat.

This is very interesting as the impression is that Boston College only wanted a mobile quarterback over the past few years. However this doesn't seem too revolutionary or honestly accurate, as both Anthony Brown and Darius Wade appeared to be a good passing quarterback in high school and in Elite 11 camps. Just because they are labeled dual threat doesn't mean that they aren't good passers, they just aren't labeled a pocket QB, an artificial label slapped on by recruiting services.

I think what is clear is that BC isn't moving away from the "dual threat" QB label, they are just very interested in "good" quarterbacks whether they can run the option or not. Making sure a quarterback can get the ball down the field is important and something BC has lacked this year. If BC decides to go with a less mobile pocket QB Addazio has shown that he can adapt this offense to their style, like he did with Chase Rettig in 2013.

Coan looks to be a pocket quarterback, but he is more of the modern pocket passer, like Andrew Luck or Aaron Rodgers in that he can throw the ball well, but can move the ball with his legs if he has to according to Rowland. The days of the Drew Bledsoe-esque  statue quarterback are fading into the sunset, quarterbacks need to be able to move either outside or within the pocket. Coan appears to fit that mold, and BC recruiting staff is high on him. Whether he is a pocket passer, or a mobile QB, the only thing BC fans should be hoping for is that BC is trying to get the best talent here. And that is what Steve Addazio appears to be doing by pushing for Jack Coan.