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Boston College Football Recruiting: Ronnie Blackmon Commits To Colorado

Well that answers that question

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest mysteries of the 2016 recruiting classes apparently has been solved. 3* defensive back Ronnie Blackmon from Atlanta, Georgia has apparently chosen his school, and it is not Boston College:

This has been a confusing saga for anyone who has been following Blackmon's recruitment. In February, Rivals, along with Blackmon, announced that he had committed to Boston College. But almost immediately, other recruiting services debunked the commitment, claiming that it hadn't happened yet and theorizing that it could have been because Blackmon hadn't visited BC yet which is a must for Addazio. But then about a month later at an event, he said on video that he was committed to the Eagles.

Then things went really quiet. Twitter and the recruiting sites hardly brought his name up, and all of a sudden here he is committing to Colorado. There could have been a myriad of factors that caused this mix up or confusion, but until Blackmon comes out and explains it is nothing more than conjecture at this time. As time wore on, it seemed pretty clear that he probably wasn't going to be coming to the Heights, but there was always hope that he/BC would have cleared up whatever was holding up the commitment.

So you can cross Ronnie Blackmon off your boards. BC only has a few more scholarships remaining, and it will be interesting to see what needs they address.