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California Four Star Offensive Guard Mike Alves Has Boston College In Top 5

This could be a huge get for the Eagles....

Boston College recruiting has been quiet for a few weeks now, but a major recruit just put the Eagles in his Top 5. Mike Alves a 4* offensive guard from San Diego, California made the announcement on Twitter today.

This is pretty big news for the Eagles, who are on the list with some pretty solid company. Just looking at the rest of the Top 5 you may think BC has no chance, but there are reasons he may pick the Eagles. One, Steve Addazio has done a superb job of producing offensive linemen at the Heights. Alves would just have to look at the pedigree of the program and the what Addazio has done with the line and he could be convinced. Also, there may be the allure of going across country that may be attractive. Also he currently attends a Catholic School (St. Augustine's), may he want to continue that in college with BC?

Whatever the case may be, Alves would be a major get for the Eagles. Boston College currently has two offensive linemen committed for the Class of 2016 (Sean Ragan and Tom Kowalkoski), but Alves could be a game changer. Of course we will follow up on this if there is any breaking news regarding his recruitment.