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BC Commit Anthony Brown Named QB MVP Of Nike's Opening Columbus

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In the midst of a many talented recruits, an Eagle soared.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday was a big day for recruits that attended The Opening, a Nike event held on The Ohio State campus in Columbus. This event which held a variety of drills and one on one activities allows recruits to show off for college football scouts, while giving the players a Nike rating. These ratings usually reflect higher scores on the major recruiting sites, and raise a recruits profile in the college football world.

Boston College commit QB Anthony Brown attended yesterday's opening, not only participating but soaring. The junior was named the QB MVP of the day, beating out a whole slew of highly regarded quarterbacks. Brown, currently a 3*, drew lots of praise from scouts including the following from

Brown has good size and the arm to make all the throws. In a group of good quarterbacks, including a couple of other committed guys, the Boston College verbal impressed the coaches the most with his abilities.

Very high praise and something that will help Brown's profile in the recruiting world. Brown has been very active on Twitter as well trying to get other recruits to come to Boston College. If performances like this help Brown gain that 4th star, it will be that much more attractive to other highly regarded recruits. On the other hand, having a player gain all that attention may draw some of the factories to Brown's door. Honestly though, there are worse problems to have (like losing recruits to Harvard/Northeastern track)

Anyways this is exciting news for Boston College, who continue to attract solid quarterbacks. Just two years ago Darius Wade was on the cusp of joining the Elite 11, a very high profile QB camp held by Trent Dilfer. Getting this talent to BC is encouraging, and shows how well Addazio has done in recognizing talent. Congrats Anthony!