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Boston College Football: Ronnie Blackmon Still Committed To Eagles

Yes in fact he is still an Eagle.

Though it has been somewhat up in the air over the past few weeks, a video on confirms what we reported here last month: Ronnie Blackmon, a two way player from Atlanta, Georgia has committed to the Eagles. In the video in this link Blackmon talks about why he chose BC, that he loved the coaching staff, and that the coaching staff likes the way he can play both sides of the ball.

At this point Rivals and 247 have yet to put him up as a firm BC commit, so you have to imagine that this is considered a "soft" commitment, meaning he's an Eagle, but probably there is a likelihood that other teams are going to try to poach him. Think of the dilemma we had with Harold Landry two years ago, that is most likely the same situation BC is in with Blackmon.

Blackmon is technically the 3rd commitment of the class, which is now five strong. He's a three star athlete with offers from Arizona, Duke, Georgia Tech, Iowa, Louisville, and Syracuse. He has an official visit to Boston College on March 28th, which should either firm up his commitment, or if things go poorly open it up again. Let's hope is the former.

Welcome to the Heights Ronnie!