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Boston College Football: Recruiting Notebook For Week Of March 18.

A look at where BC stands on the recruiting trail in 2015

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Boston College recruiting has been pretty quiet as of late, but there may be a number of reasons why the news has slowed down. According to my numbers, BC will be taking a smaller class than they have in the past two years, but of course this could all change if BC suffers some attrition. As it stands right now, BC is looking to have a class of around 21, with three of those spots already filled. Steve Addazio can be choosy now on who he gives offers to, and from whom he accepts commitments. Think of this year as a quality over quantity type year (not meant as disrespect to any of the kids from the classes of 2014 and 2015).

Hold On Tight

Marshfield tight end Danny Dalton has received an offer—from Alabama of all places. He still stands as a 2* recruit, but apparently Auburn has been sniffing around as well. Have a feeling Dalton may be a kid like Harold Landry that is going to quickly rack up offers. If he does, his star rankings will rise, and the risk of fleeing BC will rise as well. Not sure what he is commitment level is to the Eagles yet, but keep an eye on that one.

Deep In The Heart Of Texas

One of the most interesting recruiting developments this offseason has been the expansion of our efforts to the state of Texas. There is a ton of talent down in that area, but that also will pit the Eagles against some tough recruiting schools such as Texas, TCU, Texas A&M, and Baylor. But still, I think it's worthwhile for BC to try and hit up some of the Catholic Schools in the area to see if their efforts will work. The latest recruit to receive an offer in Texas is MacKenzie Nworah, a 3* guard with offers from a ton of schools.

Spring Game Cancellation: A Good Thing For Recruiting?

As a BC football nut, I was a little bummed about the cancellation of the Spring Game. But after some contemplation, I wondered if this would actually be a good thing for recruiting. Many recruits attend the game, and their families make up a good percentage of the normally small crowds. The size of the crowd can't help Steve Addazio's recruiting efforts, as recruits just need to look up at the 85% empty Alumni Stadium to see what that game means to the fans. Maybe having an intimate setting under the bubble will give recruits a better show.

New Offers Made This Week

The BC coaches made a bunch of new offers this week including:
Nathan Smith - Offensive Tackle - California. 4*
Austin Andrews - Cornerback - Ohio 3*
Benny Walls - Cornerback - Philadelphia 2*

Areas Of Expertise

Many folks have asked about which coach is in charge of what area of the country. Here is my best guess at how they have split up the country

Todd Fitch: Florida
Al Washington: Georgia
Coleman Hutzler: Texas
Don Brown: Connecticut
Justin Frye: Varies, but specializes on offensive line recruit

Missed Anything?

Have any new recruiting news that I might have missed? Make sure to email me your scoop at bchysteria at gmail dot com!