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National Signing Day: Steve Addazio's Press Conference And Final Thoughts

Some final thoughts on the 2014 national signing day, and Steve Addazio's Press Conference

BC Sports

National Signing Day is basically finished for the Eagles, as they brought in 28 new recruits and two transfers from Florida (Ian Silberman & Tyler Murphy). According to Rivals, Boston College finished the year ranked 42nd in recruiting, a marked improvement from 88th last year and 64th in 2012. This class gives BC the 8th ranked in the ACC, which is a huge jump from DFL last season.

Looking at the recruits, Boston College had some great scores with some four star talent, including Jonathan Hilliman, Connor Stratchan and Harold Landry, and a whole slew of solid talent including Marcus Outlow, James Hendren, Ty Schwab and Darius Wade (amongst others). BC hit up a variety of states this year, reestablishing solid pipe lines in NJ (Tom Sweeney, Hilliman), and Pennsylvania (Thaddius Smith, Christian Lezzer). Addazio kept up his resolve to keep top talent in Massachusetts at BC, grabbing Jon Baker, Troy Flutie, Isaac Yiadom, Kevin Cohee,, and James Hendren.  And finally BC started to establish and/or reinforce pipelines in Georgia (Cameron Seward/Sam Schwab) and Florida (Nat Dixon and Gabe McClary).

After the announcements came in Steve Addazio held a press conference to discuss National Signing Day. Let's take a look at some of what the coach had to say (via BCFootball's Twitter).

Addazio of course was very positive about his recruiting class:

" I am excited about our class. We filled some real needs. This is a good group of guys."

On New Jersey running back/wide receiver Sherm Alston:

"Sherm Alston is a heck of a player kick/punt returner. He is a dynamic athletic with great speed and change of direction."

Addazio addressed questions about two of his quarterback options Tyler Murphy and Darius Wade:

Both are athletic guys who throw and run the ball well. They have good arms and great leadership qualities.

On Murphy:

"He is a Boston College guy"

On the youth of the Eagles:

We are going to be a young football team. That is a good thing. We are going to build for the future.

Will the freshman play this year?

"My mindset is to play this class. There is a lot of talent in this class."

How will the offense change with the graduation of Andre Williams?

We won't lose our identity. We'll add the spread to it. We'll give the def more conflict & make them defend the whole field more

On freshman athlete/quarterback Troy Flutie:

He just has it. He has a knack for anticipating guys being open. He has confidence & he's a leader. He’s got it all there

On Boston College's recruiting plan and the fence around Massachusetts:

We stuck to the plan of building a fence around Massachusetts and working inside out, on the 5-hour radius...

Finally Addazio on Josh Bordner:

Addazio notes Josh Bordner may play WR ... "I love what he bring to the table. He is too big & too good an athlete not to be playing...