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Boston College Football Scholarship Chart And 2014 Recruiting Analysis: Offense

An indepth look at the team's offensive depth moving forward.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

National Signing Day has come and gone and now we have to look at at what Boston College has in front of them, not just short term, but further down the line. By looking ahead we should get a better idea of what our scholarship situation looks like, what positions BC is going to need to address via recruiting, and where the Eagles look set. Today we are going to look at the offensive side of the ball.


QB 2014 2015 2016 2017
1 Tyler Murphy - GR Darius Wade - SO Darius Wade - JR Darius Wade - SR
2 Darius Wade - FR James Walsh - SO James Walsh - JR James Walsh - SR
3 James Walsh - FR Troy Flutie - SO Troy Flutie - JR Troy Flutie - SR
4 Troy Flutie - FR

Troy Flutie - SR

2014 analysis: BC clearly got their man this year with Darius Wade, but did have offers out for other quarterbacks (D.J. Gillins, Trace McSorely). BC should be set for 2014, and I projected out that BC will redshirt Darius Wade to preserve a year of his eligibility. That of course is all pending on whether Murphy is effective and can stay healthy. Also removed from the chart was Josh Bordner (switched over to wide receiver), Mack Lowrie (transferred to URI) and Christian Suntrup (injury, may not be with the team).

Running Backs

HB 2014 2015 2016 2017
Myles Willis - SO Myles Willis - JR Myles Willis - SR Jonathan Hilliman - SR
Tyler Rouse - SO Tyler Rouse - JR Tyler Rouse - SR Marcus Outlow - SR
David Dudeck - JR David Dudeck - SR Jonathan Hilliman - JR Sherman Alston - SR
Jonathan Hilliman - FR Jonathan Hilliman - SO Marcus Outlow - JR Richard Wilson - SR
Marcus Outlow - FR Marcus Outlow - SO Sherman Alston - JR
Sherman Alston - FR Sherman Alston - SO Richard Wilson - JR
Richard Wilson - FR Richard Wilson - SO

2014 Analysis: After the monster year we saw out of Andre Williams, and the solid contributions out of Myles Willis it was clear that Steve Addazio and Ryan Day were going to be looking to bolster a thin running back corp. They went out and got four options for running backs, all of them could be contributing this fall. I expect the days of seeing Davd Dudeck getting meaningful carries will be over, and also I removed Tahj Kimble, who according to Eric Hoffses is no longer with the team and is pursuing a career in rap music.

Wide Receivers

WR 2014 2015 2016 2017
Bobby Swigert - SR Joel Zoungrana - JR Joel Zoungrana - SR Charles Callinan - SR
Spiffy Evans - SR Marcus Grant - SR Charles Callinan - JR Thadd Smith - SR
Joel Zoungrana - SO Charles Callinan - SO Drew Barksdale - SR Nat Dixon - SR
Marcus Grant - JR Drew Barksdale - JR Nigel Matthews - SR Gabe McClary - SR
Charles Callinan - FR Nigel Matthews - JR Thadd Smith - JR
Drew Barksdale - SO Harrison Jackson - SR Nat Dixon - JR
Nigel Matthews - SO Dan Crimmins - SR Gabe McClary - JR
Harrison Jackson - JR Thadd Smith - SO
Dan Crimmins - JR Nat Dixon - SO
Jeffrey Jay - SR Gabe McClary - SO
Griff Rogan - SR
Thadd Smith- FR
Nat Dixon- FR
Gabe McClary- FR

2014 Analysis: Certainly Boston College has plenty of options in 2014, but the question will remain who could be the primary target for Wade/Murphy. Much was maligned about Chase Rettig locking in on Alex Amidon, but what that leaves us is a bunch of question marks. Will Bobby Swigert be good to go this fall? Can Harrison Jackson be a reliable target? What will Spiffy Evans give us? And what about all the new freshman? This was another position of need for Ryan Day and they addressed it aggressively, snagging Nat Dixon on national signing day.

Tight Ends

TE 2014 2015 2016 2017
Carmen Dello Iacono- SR
Joel Rich- SO Joel Rich- JR Joel Rich- SR
Joel Rich- FR Brian Miller- SR Tom Sweeney- JR Tom Sweeney- SR
C.J. Parsons- SR Louie Addazio- SR
Brian Miller- JR Mike Giacone- SR
Louie Addazio- JR Tom Sweeney- SO
Mike Giacone- JR
Tom Sweeney- FR

2014 Analysis: C.J Parsons was the primary receiving target in 2014 out of this tight end group. I've heard rumblings that he may not be back for his fifth year, but just take that as a rumor at this point. Clearly BC is going to want to beef this position moving forward as there is going to be major turnover at this position in the next two years. Of course you may see a position switch as well.

Offensive Linemen

OL 2014 2015 2016 2017
Frank Taylor- SO Frank Taylor- JR Frank Taylor- SR Jon Baker- SR
Victor Nelson- JR Victor Nelson- SR Jim Cashman- SR Sam Schmal- SR
Harris Williams- SR Paul Gaughan- SR Win Homer-SR James Hendren- SR
Seth Betancourt- SR Dan Lembke- SR Jon Baker- JR
Paul Gaughan- JR Jim Cashman- JR Sam Schmal- JR
Aaron Kramer- SR Dave Bowen- JR James Hendren- JR
Dan Lembke- JR Win Homer- JR-
Jim Cashman- SO Jon Baker- SO
Dave Bowen- JR Sam Schmal- SO
Bobby Vardaro- SR James Hendren- SO
Win Homer- SO
Jon Baker- FR
Sam Schmal- FR
James Hendren- FR

2014 Analysis: Again Boston College relied heavily on the run in 2014, so getting a strong offensive line moving forward had to be a priority. Addazio went out and addressed that with three recruits and a transfer. 2014 looks like it will be a strong year for the Eagles up front as they have a lot of returning talent. But with the overloaded lines that BC likes to play, I wouldn't be surprised to see them grab 3-4 more OL in the next recruiting class.

Final Thoughts

We have already seen some attrition from 2013 to 2014, and I would expect there to be more players leaving on the offensive side of the ball. Some of the names that wouldn't surprise me are: Brian Miller, Christian Suntrup, Tajh Kimble and any of the fifth year players that Addazio may not want to offer that extra year of eligibility.