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Boston College Football Recruiting: Geographic Breakdown, 2002-2014

It's ... beautiful / single tear rolls down cheek.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Slow work day? Have a few hours to kill?

SB Nation's Nebraska Cornhuskers blog CornNation has put together an impressive map of all FBS recruits from 2002-2014. This is really quite excellent.

You can start to see Steve Addazio's recruiting strategy taking shape. Last year's recruiting class was very New Jersey / Massachusetts heavy but the program is also doing work in places like Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida.


Zooming a bit further out, you can see where all Boston College football recruits hail from over the entire period studied (2002-2014). I see you, Paul Petersen.


Both maps were built by CornNation and Football Study Hall author Paul Dalen. Give him a follow on Twitter @paul_dalen.

Head on over to CornNation and have a play with the interactive map. I'd love to hear your own observations about Boston College football's recruiting in the comments section.