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BC Football: QB Mack Lowrie Leaves Boston College, Where Does BC Stand With Quarterback Depth

True freshman Lowrie leaves school.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

After weeks of rumblings on the internet, freshman quarterback Mack Lowrie has decided to withdraw from Boston College. The Roxbury native, was recruited by Frank Spaziani, but according to sources close to the Boston Herald "did not fit the system of Steve Addazio (aka wasn't mobile enough). Lowrie was a 2 star quarterback, with Boston College being the only school offering him a scholarship.

Moving on, BC has some serious depth concerns at quarterback moving forward. Let's look at who remains:

Darius Wade: Already on campus, and gray shirting, it appears as if Wade is the front runner to start next season for the Eagles. As long as he learns the playbook, and Addazio doesn't bring in a fifth year, we can expect him to be the candidate most likely to be under center against UMass on August 30th.

Josh Bordner: A fifth year senior, it is unclear if Addazio will be offering him his fifth year status or if the team moves on in a different direction. Not sure if he is someone you want starting, but given the thin depth at this position, it might be wise to give him another year.

Christian Suntrup: Last I had heard he was out for the season with an injury. Not sure of his status going forward, if the injury has impacted him to the point where he can't continue with football.

James Walsh: Just finished his red shirt year. Fits in with Addazio's style of a mobile quarterback, might know the playbook better than Wade at this point, but Wade has more raw skills and will be a much more dynamic quarterback going forward.

Troy Flutie: Just threw him on this list to troll the crap out of Brian.

Dave Shinskie: No, seriously, he isn't coming back for his 8th season.

That's it. All joking aside, where does BC go from here? The million dollar question is where is Tyler Murphy? The buzz around him has gone silent after word came out that Louisville and BC were his final two choices for transfer. If he isn't the choice is Addazio trying to find another 5th year quarterback to bridge the gap to Wade? National signing day is only a few days away, so answers will be coming soon. And just think, spring ball is only a few months away.