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Boston College Football Recruiting: Westward Expansion

Go West, young man!


Boston College football recruiting for the 2014 is in full swing and it's hard not to get excited about the new staff's energy and effort on the recruiting trail. The latest of BC's offers really caught my attention:

Humphreys is a 6-foot-4, 230 pound strongside defensive end from Central Catholic in Portland, Oregon. No, not Portland, Maine. Portland, Oregon. He's being recruited by a half-dozen PAC-12 schools and already claims offers from Arizona State, Boise State, California, Oregon State, UCLA, Washington State and Wyoming.

I have no inside information on whether Addazio and the BC staff have a shot at landing Humphreys, but the fact that BC isn't afraid to go all the way to Oregon and go head-to-head against PAC-12 schools for a recruit is promising. This is also consistent with Addazio's recruiting strategy -- starting in Massachusetts and the rest of New England, rebuilding pipelines in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, DC and Virginia and dipping into Georgia and Florida as well as the Catholic leagues.

There's a lot of really good Catholic high school football programs out there and not all of them are located within a 400-mile radius of Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. There's also only two Catholic schools playing FBS football.

Humphreys is BC's first offer to a recruit on the West Coast; hopefully it's not their last.

Based on our 2014 football recruiting board data, here's a look at where recruits Boston College has offered reside. You can already see Addazio's recruiting strategy taking shape.