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Boston College Football: 2014 Scholarship Chart

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Scholarship chart is go.

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With St. Peter's Prep running back Jonathan Hilliman switching his commitment from Rutgers to Boston College, I thought it a good time to revisit the 2014 scholarship chart. Scholarship chart is go.

Fr. RS Fr. So. Jr. Sr. Graduated 2014 Count
QB D. Wade J. Walsh
C. Suntrup J. Bordner C. Rettig 6
T. Flutie M. Lowrie M. Marscovetra
RB J. Hilliman M. Willis D. Dudeck T. Kimble A. Williams 7
M. Outlow T. Rouse
S. Alston
FB B. Wolford J. Sinkovec 1
Y or H T. Sweeney J. Rich B. Miller J. Darmstatter M. Naples 7
L. Addazio C.J. Parsons
M. Giacone
WR T. Smith C. Callinan N. Matthews D. Crimmins S. Evans A. Amidon 11
G. McClary
J. Zoungrana H. Jackson B. Swigert
D. Barksdale M. Grant
OL J. Baker F. Taylor V. Nelson A. Gallik I. White 15
J. Hendren J. Cashman P. Gaughan H. Williams M. Patchan
S. Schmal W. Homer D. Lembke S. Betancourt
D. Bowen A. Kramer
B. Vardaro
DT T. Gutapfel K. Borcich M. Abdesmad J. Rudolph 5
C. Wujciak D. Appiah
DE H. Landry J. Cottrell M. Moore N. Lifka B. Mihalik K. Edebali 7
J. Vitiello K. Kavalec K. Ramsey
LB C. Strachan M. Strizak T. Joy J. Keyes K. Pierre-Louis 11
K. Cohee M. Little S. Daniels S. Duggan S. Divitto
T. Schwab A. Caruso
C. Lezzer
DB I. Yiadom A. Ntantang J. Johnson A. Louis-Jean, Jr. C.J. Jones 17
R. Wilson
M. Milano B. Jones D. Williams
C. Seward
J. Simmons S. Sylvia
K. Moore M. Asprilla
A. Dawson J. McCaffrey
K. Bletzer
P/K M. Knoll A. Howell N. Freese 2

NOTE: The school doesn't publish scholarship / no scholarship information and position is a bit fluid, so keep me honest in the comments section.

For next season, that's 89 total scholarship players -- 47 offense, 40 defense, 2 specialists -- four over the NCAA-mandated 85 limit. There hasn't been a decision on Bordner's fifth year and all of the Spaz QBs are gone or are leaving. Not sure whether Addazio counts towards the scholarship max or not. Then you have to start to ask the tough questions about fifth years and you can start to find a few more open scholarships under the 85 limit.

Select position breakdowns.

QB - Darius Wade is the future of the Eagles' offense, but he could benefit from a redshirt season under a guy like Florida transfer Tyler Murphy. Flutie will get a shot but I think this is (eventually) Wade's job to lose. Sounds like Lowrie and Suntrup are leaving and Bordner remains a question mark. All of a sudden, there's surprisingly little depth at QB.

RB - Out of Alston, Outlow, Hilliman and Wilson, it appears as though it'll be Wilson that makes the switch to the defensive side of the ball. No idea what Kimble's status is. Does Dudeck go back to defensive back or will he continue to be used on offense? Losing Andre Williams hurts but the future at the RB position is extremely bright for BC.

WR - The biggest loss here is clearly Amidon, though should he return from injury, Bobby Swigert will help to fill that role. Behind Swigert and Spiffy Evans is a group of talented, yet unproven receivers. I'm excited to see if guys like Thaddeus Smith, Gabriel McClary, Charlie Callinan and Drew Barksdale make an impact right away.

OL - Patchan and White put in work to help BC to its first 2,000+ yard rusher, but there's surprising depth on the O-Line behind them. Assuming a guy like Harris Williams or Aaron Kramer can make the transition from guard to tackle, the Eagles could go five seniors across the OL -- Betancourt and Williams/Kramer tackles, Vardaro and Williams/Kramer guards and Gallik center. Good bit of depth behind those guys too in each of classes below them.

DL - With Tevin Montgomery leaving the program, DT is a pressing need though BC does have a bunch of guys recruited to play end out of high school making the transition to tackle. In fact, of the guys listed at DT above, only Gutapfel and Appiah were originally recruited at DT. A lot of depth at DE but surprisingly little in the senior and junior classes. I'm wondering if a guy like Joel Rich, listed on the school's roster as a TE, makes the transition back to DE next season.

LB - With Divitto and Pierre-Louis graduating, this position, along with QB and K, arguably gets hit the hardest. Between Duggan and Daniels, I think they'll be OK as a unit, though I'm curious as to who wins that third starting role (Keyes? Joy? Strizak? One of the true freshmen?)

DB - This unit figures to be the one with the most returning experience in 2014, losing only Rositano though they did struggle mightily to defend the pass. There is some depth here and several of the freshmen -- Yiadom, Wilson, Seward -- are talented enough to play elsewhere if needed.

P/K - Gone is #Freese4GrozaAndRayGuy, though a pair of highly regarded kicker / punters wait in the wings. Alex Howell was ranked as the nation's 10th best kicker in his class. Mike Knoll ranks 3rd in the 2014 class.