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Pittsburgh 30, Boston College 20: Twitter Recap Of Game

Checking out how the game looked on Twitter.

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

After every game we scour Twitter for the best, funniest, and most insightful tweets. Here are some of the best made before, during and after yesterday's game. If you want to submit one that I missed, leave it in the comments.

A before game look out at Shea Field:

Time for Kickoff!

Brian on ESPN's analysis of Tyler Murphy

And Grant weighs in on Tyler Murphy

Bill Shook, what do you have to say about Tyler Murphy and the BC offense?

Eagle in Atlanta saying what we all were thinking about the defense:

Oh okay, now that makes sense

Spencer Hall on the majesty of the Tetons and Steve Addazio.

Speaking of kickers, Adam had a good question about Pitt's place kicker.

I saw this guy all over Alumni Stadium.....I need this outfit.

What about the question everyone wanted answered?

I would say so Jack.

One of the highlights of the night.

Crappy game all around for BC, but Mike is right.

And looking ahead...