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Pittsburgh 30, Boston College 20: Quotables

Postgame reaction from the Panthers' victory over the Eagles on Friday night.

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BC Head Coach Steve Addazio Overall Impressions

It's a real simple equation here today.  In my opinion we couldn't stop the run on defense.  We couldn't establish the run on offense.  We didn't tackle well on defense.  We didn't complete throwing opportunities, and we had numerous ones, on offense.

Addazio On The Team's Effort

I like the way we competed at the end.  We kept scratching and fighting.  If we had converted the two point conversion at the end and recover the onside kick it's a one score game.  That's great and all but the body of the game, in my opinion, we couldn't stop the run.  We couldn't establish the run.  We couldn't complete the necessary passes which we had great opportunities to do.

Addazio On Pitt

I thought Pitt played a great game.  I thought their running back (James Conner) is a heck of a player.  I thought their quarterback (Chad Voytik) was pretty competitive.  (Conner) couldn't be tackled.  That's on us.  We've got to do a much better job.  He's a heck of a player but we've also got to do a much, much better job tackling.  So we've got to get back to work and get on the fundamentals here.  When we get back into full pads we have to start tackling again.  We got away from that because it was a short week.  We've got to go back and tackle, do all the things necessary to develop this football team.

Addazio On BC's Team Defense

You've got to play great defense.  You've got to stop the run.  That's what it is.  That's the way it is.  I'll never make any bones about that.  You've got to get that done.  We ddin't get that done.  You have to get off the field.  Keep the field position.  Then the offense has to go out there and make some plays.  That's the name of our game.  We win with playing great defense.  Playing great defense for us starts with stopping the run and getting off the field on third down.  We struggled on a couple of those third and longs.

Addazio on Pitt Running Back James Conner

I knew he would be good.  None of us had any delusions.  He was going to run inside.  He's a strong runner.  He's a heck of a back.  We had to tackle him.  We had plenty of opportunities.  Schematically, not all of the time, but a lot of the time, we were in position to make those plays and we didn't make those tackles.  Missed tackle, missed tackle, missed tackle.  You've got to tackle that guy.  You've got to wrap and drive him.

QB Tyler Murphy on Completing Passes

It starts with me.  I have to get those guys the ball.  In games like this, you're expected to make those plays and I didn't make those today.

Murphy on pushing after being down at halftime

At half the guys were rallying around each other and we said we were going to come out and try to be better and give ourselves a chance.  We did that, with the big play to Shakim (Phillips) and our defense did a great job of getting some stops.  But at the end of the day, we didn't run the ball well and when it came to the pass game I didn't do a good job of getting the balls to the guys.  That's something we have to work on and we will get it rolling by next week.

WR Shakim Phillips on missing a catch in the first quarter

I realized I've got to be better.  That's what we've worked on for a long time.  It's not all on Tyler, we need to help him out.  We need to catch the ball better and tat's it.

Phillips on throwing more passes

As players we don't really focus on that.  That's the coaches' job.  We're just there to execute, and we didn't execute as well as needed to this week.

DB Dominique Williams on tackling

Tackling-wise we have to do a better job.  Not just against one guy, but against everyone else we play.

LB Steven Daniels on his interception

I just wanted to do the best I could for my team and as a defense we couldn't let them score points.  We didn't get that done (over the course of the game).

Daniels on the rest of the season

We just need to continue working.  It's a long season.  Now we prepare for our opponent next week.  There will be an emphasis on tackling.  As of right now we just need to work hard.

Pitt head coach Paul Chryst overall impressions

Certainly good to come up here and take the team on the road and get a victory.  I thought we did some good things that enabled us to make some plays.  We had our good stretches and obviously have to do a better job of closing out the game.

Our guys have good effort and I'm proud of that.  Proud of the way they prepared and played.  First half the big stop by the defense after the pick - to come up with the stop and force a long field goal with no points.

I thought there were times we were opportunistic on offense and missed out on some other ones.  There were moments in the game where we were able to run with the football but we have to close out the game better.

Chryst on James Conner

I thought he ran hard.  I thought guys did a good job of getting him started.  I thought he was who he is.  We appreciate that out of him.  These are the kind of games he likes, and we needed him to be good.

Pitt QB Chad Voytik on his first quarter interception

I knew it was way too early to let something like that affect my mindset and we had to keep coming.  We had no other option but to keep pushing on and put that aside.

Voytik on his touchdown pass to WR Tyler Boyd

It was a one-on-one.  That's why I went there, but it was one of those plays where not everyone can make that play.  I have trust in him and obviously you have seen what he can do.  In a way, he was covered, but he came down with it and I'm going to keep throwing it his way because he will keep making those plays.

Voytik on the touchdown drive at the end of the first half

Anytime you can drive the ball like that, it's a huge confidence booster.  I feel like we can do that at the end of the game in a crucial situation.  It meant a lot.

Voytik on Pitt's mental toughness

At halftime, I went to the defense and told them they were playing their butts off.  I couldn't appreciate them any more.  They really stepped up when we needed it most.  They shut them down in the first half.  It was a great team effort, it wasn't just one of the side of the ball dominating, it was a collective effort.  Mentla toughness was definitely a part of that.  We have pushed each other all through camp and in the offseason, so we are ready for any situation.

RB James Conner on his rushing performance

I like when I keep getting my name called, it makes me feel like I'm good and coach is building trust in me if he keeps calling my number.  Those are good games.

Conner on the defense wearing down

Coach always says make them tackle for 60 minutes.  When you lower your pads and give the safeties and the linebackers some good shots, you feel them start easing off and they don't want to make the tackles.  As coach says, I just tried to make them tackle for 60 minutes.

WR Tyler Boyd on trusting Chad Voytik

I trust Chad and he trusts me.  I never want him to get out of his game.  I want him to make the right read that he has to make.  We have been practicing year-round and he has confidence in me, and I feel the same way, so as long as I do my job he'll see me out there and we will get it done.

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