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Boston College vs. Pittsburgh Football: Final Thoughts And Predictions

Beer selection, rap song and much more leading up to BC's home opener against the Panthers

Photo Courtesy of Alicia Forzano

The Eagles are looking to make it two in a row, this week with a win against the Pitt Panthers. But this is going to be a whole other animal than BC faced last weekend. Pitt is talented, especially on offense and Paul Chryst is going to have this team ready to roll tonight. Steve Addazio and his crew should stick to their bread and button but they are going to have to open up the playbook a little more and see if they can catch Pitt off guard if they want to win. Let's take one last look at this matchup before we all head down to Alumni Stadium, except for Brian.

Big Questions

If BC runs the ball 40+ times can they control this game? Or will they need to get some of the wide receivers involved? Will Shakim Phillips be a bigger part of the game plan tonight? How about Sherm Alston? Will the tight ends hang back to continue blocking or will Addazio begin to use them more in the passing game as well. What plays will Addazio use that we didn't see against UMass? On defense, does BC have an answer for Tyler Boyd? Speaking of Boyd, how will his dislocated finger effect his game? On defense can BC slow down the Panthers seemingly lethal rushing attack? Will James Connor just bowl over BC defenders or can BC physically handle him? Will Addazio continue to play musical chairs with the kickers?

Lingering Questions

What will the attendance look like tonight? Can Steve Addazio continue the home cooking? Will anyone actually try the new food options that BC is offering specifically the sushi? Does anyone trust Alumni Stadium sushi? What will the video boards look like, and will BC do anything special with them tonight? What horrible new trendy song will the band debut this year, and then proceed to play it roughly 6,000 times during the season? (my bet is Fancy by Iggy Azalea). Will Welles the Bald Eagle make a guest appearance? Will it be as hot at Alumni Stadium as I imagine it will be (90 degree high during the day). Will BC be using any fireworks during the game?

What To Drink To As You Pray For A Home Opening Win

Anything But Yuengling

Usually I am good for a recommendation for what to drink, but for this game I am going to give you a beer NOT to drink. I believe that I gave this same recommendation when we played Villanova, but this being another Pennsylvania I can't say this enough: YUENGLING IS A TERRIBLE BEER. I know a lot of hipsters out there want to make the claim that the Yuengling is a great beer, because "it's cheap" but give me a break this is just a darker more hang over inducing Bud Light. I can't even describe how bad the taste is, probably because I haven't had it since it moved into literally every bar in Boston. When I was reading Deadspin the other day in Drew Margary's Why Your Team Sucks Steelers edition, a reader perfectly described YG as "a beer that tastes like burnt hair." Amen.

So drink something, anything else than that over rated garbage. Drink a Dogfishhead, a Sierra Nevada, hell if you want to stay local drink a Wachusett or a Clownshoes. There are so many beers that are infinitely better than that crap, and you only live once, drink something good not just something that is famous because it's really old. You know what else is really old? Your mom. She was great too, but as she got older, the other girls got better looking and tasted better. Well I have to keep this PG, so I'll just end this here.

Dan "New Guy" Rubin Selects

Coke Zero because I'm not drinking this week.  My God did I have a wicked hangover last week until Monday.  Eh...who am I kidding?  I'm probably drinking Yuengling.  I love that stuff, no matter what AJ says about it.  As for music, since my intro to Tuesday's radio show went down the toilet, I'm going with Dirty Diddy Money's "Coming Home."  I had a beautiful three-minute thing queued up and it went to hell.  So I'll choose the music here that I couldn't use on Tuesday.


Rolling Rock. Like Pitt football, naturally tastes a little skunk and is sure to give you a pounding headache in the morning.

AJ's Fireside Chat With A Pitt Fan

AJ: I am here to talk with Danny Marino Slyckowski a Pitt fan about tonight's game against the Boston College Eagles.

Danny: Look we need to get this done quickly, there's a Steelers game on Sunday. By the way can we bring Terrible Towels into Alumni Stadium?

AJ: You can, but I've got to say you'll look a little out of place. Why are you wearing a Ben Roethlisberger jersey? You know this is a college football game right?

Danny: Whatever man, we are from the Steel City, the birth place of the real workers mans. Grit and toughness is our middle names. Nothing scares us because we.....

AJ: Sorry to interrupt but I wanted to ask you about your former head coach....

Danny: Dave Wannstedt? Oh that man could rock a mustache better than the best of them...Plus he was a hell of a recruiter....

AJ: No no, Todd Graham.

Danny: / stares catatonically at AJ

AJ: You alright Danny?

Danny: / mumbles incoherently to himself

AJ: Soooo, let's change the subject, prediction for tonight's game?

Danny: / Screams something about backstabbing, foams at the mouth and passes out

Gametime Song Of The Week

If you don't like my song choice, here is a YouTube playlist of Tom Jones.

Bop Gun - Ice Cube ft. George Clinton

This song was originally recommended by friend of the blog Kayte, and I have to commend her for picking a song that is not only a great gangsta rap song from the West Coast, but one that also effortlessly incorporates George Clinton. Ice Cube, before the days of "Are We There Yet" and playing a cop (?) in "21 Jump St" he was one of the baddest m'fers in hip hop. After branching out from NWA, Cube had a series of great tracks including Natural Born Killas, Today Was A Good Day and "Check Yo Self". Bop Gun is a great track in itself, good beat, solid guest appearance and Cube being his bad old self. Solid choice for this week's track.

BCI Staff Predictions and GPS

Brian - somewhere in California hoping for no earthquakes, and attending a game where he hopes that Stanford batters the crap out of USC 26-21 BC. Another strange game to add to an all-too-wacky BC-Pitt series. This time, it's the Eagles that get the win; halting Pitt's win streak at 3.

Jeff - Down in N.C. State land, wondering what FCS cupcake the 'Pack plays this week. 23-20 BC.

A.J - Running from work to Boston College, ready to tailgate with Joe and Co. 31-28 BC. I think this is going to be a season pacing win for the Eagles. I like their chances against Pitt's defense, and I think the Eagles have just enough to hold the Panthers.

Grant - On vacation, watching on a TV in the corner of the local dive on Block Island. 27-24 BC.

Joe - At AJ's tailgate, and then on to watch the new video boards and hoping for an Eagles win.

Dan - Still recovering from his bachelor party, he has sworn off alcohol until tonight....24-14 Pitt. Is it too early for a wakeup call? I feel like this is going to remind us that BC is going to have a long way to go this year towards equaling their win total from last year.

The BC Interruption Prediction Game

Brian and Grant had the closest predictions last week, both finishing with 2 points of the final score.

Standings after Week 1:

Grant 10 10
Brian 10 10
A.J 8 8
NG 6 6
Joe 4 4
Jeff 2 2

BC Interruption's Picture Page

Going to make it to Alumni for the home opener? Got some good photos of your tailgate or the kickass new boards at Alumni Stadium? Make sure to put up your photos on Facebook, or if you want you can email them directly to me at bchysteria at gmail dot com. Please make sure you understand that by emailing them to us you are giving us the right to use your picture on our posts!

Superfan Thermometer

Can Boston College win their home opener? Or will Pitt make it two in a row?  Make sure to leave your predictions in the comment section.

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