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Boston College Vs. Pittsburgh Football: Depth Chart For Pitt Game

Mostly similar to last week, here are the dudes starting and backing up for Addazio.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Game two is this weekend, and this isn't a cupcake as the Pittsburgh Panthers will be coming to Alumni Stadium for BC's second home game of the season and first one on campus. Other than the injury to Harris Williams (Addazio says he will be out for 6-8 weeks), there aren't any changes. Leave your thoughts below.

1. Tyler Murphy (6-2, 213, GS)
2. Darius Wade (6-0, 201, Fr.)

We saw much of what Murphy can and can't do in last weekend's win. According to Addazio he is going to open the playbook more this weekend, so it'll be interesting to see what that actually means for the Eagles.

1. Myles Willis (5-9, 203, So.)
2. Tyler Rouse (5-8, 194, So.) or
Marcus Outlow (5-10, 207, Fr) or
Jonathan Hilliman (6-0, 215 Fr.) or
Richard Wilson (5-10, 212 Fr.)

We saw a heavy dosage of Willis and Rouse last weekend, with a smattering of Hilliman and a touch of Outlow in garbage time. For the most part the backs were fantastic and did what they needed to do to win. This week will be a whole other animal. Sweeps to the outside against faster ACC defensive ends may not work. It should be interesting to see how Day adapts his scheme to the style of defense he will be facing.

1. Bobby Wolford (6-2, 248, So)
2. Sean Burke (5-11, 234, Jr.)

Same as last weekend.

1. Charlie Callinan (6-4, 220, So.)
2. Jeffrey Jay (6-2, 197, Sr.)

1.  Josh Bordner (6-4, 230, GS)
2. Thadd Smith (5-9, 168, Fr.)
or Gabe McClary (6-3, 185, Fr.)

1 Dan Crimmins 6-5 237 Jr. 
2. Drew Barksdale 5-11 195 Fr. or
Shakim Phillips 6-3 206 Gr. or
Sherman Alston 5-6 163 Fr

All the talk this week has been about having more explosive plays against Pittsburgh. Addazio talked about, our readers have talked about it, but it will be up to the wide receivers to do it. Shakim Phillips looked invisible against UMass, Crimmins and Bordner were great in short passing situations and when they were left completely uncovered. Unlike some, I don't want to see Sherm Allston running verticals down field because the last thing we need is for our multi purpose WR to get lit up and hurt by a much more physical safety. If it's anyone that is going to use speed to get deep it is going to have to be Smith or Barksdale, neither of whom did much against UMass. I still have concerns about this crew in terms of any sort of long passing game, but I was happy with what they did with the short and intermediate stuff.

1. Michael Giacone (6-5, 262, JR.)
2. Louie Addazio (6-3, 253, So.) or
Joel Rich (6-3, 255, R-Fr)

They were there to block last weekend, and that was exactly what they did. Could one split out on the flat for a pass? Sure, but honestly I would rather see these guys staying back to protect Murphy.

1. Seth Betancourt (6-6, 300, Sr.)
2. Dave Bowen (6-7, 291, Jr.)

1. Bobby Vardaro (6-5, 299, Sr.)
2. Jim Cashman (6-7, 301, Jr).

1. Andy Gallik (6-3, 304, Sr.)
2. Frank Taylor (6-6, 304, So.)

1. Aaron Kramer (6-7, 293, GS)
2. Seth Betancourt (6-6, 300, Sr.)

1. Ian Silberman (6-5, 294, Gs)
2. Dave Bowen (6-7, 291, Sr.)

Solid game (minus the penalties) from this crew last week. They were physical and just as we expected they launched the much smaller UMass DE's and DT's off the line on almost every play, even when they were stacking the box. Again, Pitt is going to be a whole different beast.


1. Brian Mihalik (6-9, 295, Sr.)
2. Malachi Moore (6-7, 274, Sr.)

1. Mehdi Abdesmad (6-7, 297, Sr.)
2. Nick Lifka (6-2 284 Sr.)

1. Connor Wujciak (6-3, 300, So.)
2. Noa Merritt (6-0, 268, Fr.) or
Truman Gutapfel (6-3, 289 Fr.)

1. Kevin Kavalec (6-3, 242, Fr.)
2. Harold Landry (6-3, 257, Fr) or
Seyi Adebayo (6-3 245 Gr)

Fantastic game last weekend by this crew. Making plays, causing mayhem in the back field we saw most of these guys hit the field on Saturday. Landry made it onto the field near the end, which was a great sign.

1. Josh Keyes (6-2, 223, Sr.)
2. Matt Milano (6-1, 220, So.) or
Christian Lezzer (6-0, 210, Fr.)

1. Sean Duggan (6-4, 241, Sr.)
2. Steven Daniels (6-0, 249, Jr.) or
Connor Strachan (6-2 231 Fr.)

1. Mike Strizak (6-2, 229, So)
2. Ty Schwab (6-1 212 Fr.)
Steven Daniels (6-0, 249, Jr.)

Interestingly Steven Daniels is on for both the MLB and WLB this week. Sean Duggan led the Eagles in tackles last week with six, and Josh Keyes played out of his mind.

1. Manny Asprilla (5-11, 177, Sr.)
2. John Johnson (6-0, 180, So) or
Isaac Yiadom (6-1 170 Fr.)

1. Dominique Williams (6-0, 212, Sr.)
2. Sean Sylvia (6-0, 208, Sr.)

1. Justin Simmons (6-3, 188, Jr.)
2.  Ty Meer Brown (6-0, 201, GS) or
Kevin Bletzer (6-2 198 Fr)

1. Bryce Jones (6-1, 178, Jr.)
2. Kamrin Moore 5-11 186 Fr.

Nothing changed here. This group had mixed results in my opinion last weekend. They made big plays (Simmons interception), got burned badly on the touchdown, and seemed a step too slow on others. I am concerned how this group will perform against one of the best WR's in the country.


1. Alex Howell (6-5, 206, Jr.)
2. Joey Launceford (5-10 190 Sr)
3.. Mike Knoll (6-0, 214, Fr.)

1. Alex Howell (6-5, 206, Jr.)
2. Mike Knoll (6-0, 214, Fr.)

1. Leonard Skubal (5-10, 201, Jr.)
2. Mike Fischer (6-0, 217, Jr.)

1. Bryce Jones (6-0, 178, Jr.)
2. Thaddius Smith (5-9 167, Fr.) or
Sherm Allston (5-6, 163, Fr.)

1. Bryce Jones (6-0, 178, Jr.) 
Myles Willis (5-9, 203, So.) or
Sherm Allston (5-6, 163, Fr.)

The kicker situation is kind of odd, but I kind of get what Addazio is thinking. Howell is better with the longer kicks, while Launceford is better with the shorter stuff. Guess this will be a position battle that will continue to play out this season. Also on the kick and punt returns, I don't understand why Addazio keeps trotting out Bryce Jones out there when the depth at CB is so dangerously thin. Might make more sense with either Willis or one of the younger WR's. But that is just a thought.