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Boston College vs. Pittsburgh Football: BCI Radio Talks Panthers With Cardiac Hill

Pardon the BC Interruption returns at 8 PM EST with a review of the first in-game action of 2014. As always, your calls at 646-200-0446.

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After last week's explosive radio show, a much tamer Dan Rubin and AJ Black return on Tuesday night to continue their run through the Boston College football schedule.  With a 30-7 thrashing of UMass in their window, the duo now turn their heads to Pittsburgh and help set the table for the week ahead.

This is going to be a weird matchup, one between teams that aren't very familiar with one another.  They haven't played each other since 2004.  Both have sample sizes, but both need to take those samples with grains of salt.  While BC registered their win over the Minutemen, the Panthers raced out to a 42-0 halftime lead before beating Delaware, 62-0.  Less than a week later, the measuring stick for what's at stake escalates dramatically.

This game will take place under the lights on national television as part of the ACC's Friday night series.  It'll take place in Chestnut Hill, the first home game for the Eagles.  Alumni Stadium was especially kind to BC last year; the team went 5-1 with their only loss coming to the national champions and their Heisman Trophy winner (and even then, it wasn't a blow out).

The boys will be joined this week by Jim Hammett from Cardiac Hill to talk about the Panthers and the key matchups we might see along the way.  After dominating the Minutemen and holding them to 200 yards (under that if you take away the one touchdown catch mishap), can they do more of the same against a real offense?  Can the BC offense challenge a Pitt defense that struggled with option style offenses last year (losses to Navy and Georgia Tech)?

The team that wins this game will be on the path to reassuring their fans of a bowl berth for another.  The losing team, meanwhile, enters next week with questions abound about their performance.  It also puts someone in the driver's seat towards hopefully controlling their ACC dreams while the other team is instantly in trouble in that regard.

It's been a while since we've met, old friend from the Big East.  So tune in and talk Panthers and Eagles with us at 8 PM!

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