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Boston College Vs. Notre Dame At Fenway Park: Kickoff Time Announced

When will BC and ND kick off at Fenway

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College will "travel" to Fenway Park to play the home team the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on Saturday November 21st, and the starting time has been announced. The latest installment of the "Shamrock Series" will feature the Eagles and Fighting Irish with a starting time of 7:30pm according to

This gives the Eagles their second night kickoff, joining their Friday night game against the Florida State Seminoles on September 18th. This primetime game will be on NBC which will give the Eagles exposure, hopefully of the positive variety. Looking at the schedule, the only other possible games that could be pushed to a late spot has to be Louisville, Clemson, and N.C. State if they are actually the team that some pundits are predicting.

Last week the Eagles released the donation and lottery criteria for the opportunity to purchase these tickets ($400 each). Basically you better have given more than $25,000 if you want the opportunity to watch a game in one of the most awkwardly configured parks in baseball. Or you could be like the rest of us, and see the start time and just program your DVR for that time, or meet up at Cask N Flagon/Baseball Tavern or Boston Beer Works.