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Notre Dame 21, Boston College 6: Quotables

Flames! Pyrotechnics! Quotes!


Quotes and reactions from players and coaches following Boston College's 21-6 loss to #4 Notre Dame.

-- Coach Frank Spaziani on the overall performance: "Congratulations to Notre Dame. They've got an excellent football team. They are well coached. Our kids played hard. They fought until the end. We just didn't make enough plays against a good football team. We had a couple of opportunities and weren't able to convert."

"A couple of times we kept the ball ten, twelve plays and we came away with nothing so we have to make plays. That's how you beat a team like that."

"We believe that our guys can win every week. We believe we can win the game. They played hard. When you believe you can win and you play hard, it shows."

-- Spaz on Notre Dame's ability to convert on third down: "You have to play good defense to win. And you certainly have to play good third-down defense. Some of it was our execution. Some of it was their execution. Some of it was their improvisation. We have to make some plays. When we have the opportunity we have to make our share of plays. When you're losing you're not making your share of plays."

-- Junior QB Chase Rettig on playing Notre Dame: "I think when you get a chance to play Notre Dame regardless of anyone's opinion on Notre Dame - where they stand in the rankings - it's Notre Dame. Everyone knows them when you're growing up. Everyone says play each game the same, but that doesn't stand true when you're playing Notre Dame. It's an extra focus. It's an exciting game to get ready for especially when playing at home - the stadium is packed. They don't think it's a rivalry, but we still have that sense of mind."

Junior WR Alex Amidon on the BC offense's performance: "We were moving the ball pretty well in the beginning, and I think you have to give a lot of credit to that defense. They play so tough. They have great players on that defense. They were just making plays, and we weren't."

Junior LB Steele Divitto on Notre Dame's offense: "Whenever you're facing a national-caliber team, you know they're going to execute. That's something we have struggled with this year. We get them to third and long, and we just can't get off the field. That's something we need to work on and continue to build on. The reason we won the Maryland game is because we got off the field on third down. Today we couldn't do that until later in the game, and it was already too late."

Divitto on playing without linebackers Nick Clancy and Kevin Pierre-Louis: "Obviously you miss the options of them - they're both veteran guys, and they've been around here for a while. I think the other guys stepped up really well, and Sean Duggan definitely has a good confidence about him. Steven Daniels has shown a lot of improvement throughout the year. That just goes to show what kind of coach Coach [Bill] McGovern is. He's one of the best coaches as far as developing players goes."

And on team's mindset moving forward: "There's a lot of fight in this group. It's about getting the right guys and getting the right mentality out of everyone. When I look over at Alex, Alex is a guy that I would die for. We did a lot of work in the offseason together. He's a guy that puts in 100 percent for everyone else. The selfless teams - the teams that are accountable and care for one another - are the more successful teams."