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Boston College vs. N.C. State: Talking With N.C. State Blog Backing The Pack

An insider's perspective into the Wolfpack

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

As we march closer to BC's critical game against N.C. State, we got the opportunity to talk with Akulawolf from SBNation Blog Backing The Pack.

BC Interruption: N.C. State looked very Jekyll & Hyde against Florida State and Clemson. They battled and scored points against the Noles and looked completely overwhelmed against CU. What team we expect on Saturday?

Backing The Pack: NC State's defense has been bad all season, and I would not expect that to change. Boston College should put up good rushing totals ... whether it'll be enough to win, I don't know.

The difference between the FSU and Clemson games really was NC State's total inability to keep the Tigers' front seven from blowing up the pocket into a million tiny bits. FSU's banged up defensive line was a challenge but the Wolfpack was able at least to do a decent job in pass protection. Against Clemson, everything went asplode.

I would expect something actually resembling a football team this weekend, rather than whater it was that hit the field in Clemson.

BCI: Dave Doeren has been most recently scrutinized for blaming FSU for faking injuries. He also hasn't won an ACC game yet (that's what happens when you have FSU and Clemson scheduled early). How have fans taken to the 2nd year head coach?

BTP: Well, the team took care of business in the non-conference portion of the schedule, putting itself in position to get bowl eligible. And that was the entire point of making the slate so soft early, so Doeren gets however much credit is due for getting through that stretch unscathed. Being 4-2 at this point was a best-case scenario and that's where we are.

But there was a time last season when State had a winning record, too. If this season happens to end with another lengthy losing streak, people may begin to turn on him for good. Doeren needs to pick up a couple conference wins because it will, at least on the surface, make 2014 look like a modest success. And progress.

BCI: Both BC and NC State have Florida transfers at QB. What kind of quarterback is Jacoby Brissett, and what have you learned about him so far this season in terms of strengths and weaknesses?

BTP: Brissett is a big dude, with some decent mobility, but you're not gonna see him doing anything like what Tyler Murphy does with BC's offense. If Brissett's running, it's because he can't find somebody downfield.

He's been accurate for the most part in 2014; if I had to nitpick something, I would say that his success rate on deep balls needs to be better. Regardless, he is an enormous improvement over what NC State had to play at QB last year. His poise and decison-making ability have made the offense much more difficult to stop.

BCI: BC is a run first team. How is N.C. State's rushing defense and what are some of the bigger names that BC should be aware of?

BTP: Everything about NC State's defense is an adventure. Everything. I have zero confidence that State will be able to limit BC to a bad day on the ground. There is inexperience littered through the two-deep, and while we've seen some solid games out of guys like Jerod Fernandez and Hakim Jones, neither is a defensive lineman.

The D-line might as well not have been there against Clemson. Getting conistent pressure whether blitzing or just rushing four has been an issue that State has not been able to solve. It was a problem against our mid-major opponents, and it's is certainly going to remain a problem in ACC games.

BCI: Alright, prediction time. What have you got?

BTP: I have no bloody idea what is going to happen. Figure both teams have a solid day offensively, and both could end up scoring in the 30s without it being any surprise to me. BC's ground game scares me to death, because as I've said, State probably can't match up.

Blah blah blah. Okay. Here is a pick that I have pulled out of thin air, take it to the bank, everybody: NC State 38, BC 35.