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Boston College 30, N.C. State 14: Quotables

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Postgame reactions from players and coaches following Boston College's 30-14 victory over N.C. State.

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Steve Addazio's opening statement:

Obviously, a really terrific stand here. A great win. Going on the road in the ACC is very difficult. Coming into someone's home turf, grab a win, take on rain delays and all those things are distractions. I thought our kids played really well. I was really proud of how hard, how physical and how tough we played. We weren't clean at all times, but we were tough and we were resilient.

I thought the offense came out in the first half and was on fire. We had a great mixture, run, pass, play-action. We had three great drives which led to touchdowns. That was terrific, since we were struggling with the other side of the ball early in the game.

Addazio on how the bye week helped get ready for this game:

We tweaked a few things. We spent some time on our spread run game. We did some formational things. We had a few wrinkles in there. When we couldn't close that game out a few weeks ago we were tired, beat down and missing players. I know that everyone is missing players, but the bye week helped us.

QB Tyler Murphy on starting the game with three straight scoring drives:

Coach said before the game that we were going to take some shots to open the field a little bit. We were able to connect on a few. The coaches have done a good job of preparing us for what we could expect to see. The offense is operating at a very high level. The guys are doing a good job and we have to keep doing it.

Murphy on his touchdown run in the fourth quarter:

I wanted to get a first down and keep the chains moving. Josh [Bordner] had a great block and Andy [Gallik] snapped it to the back there and Charlie [Callinan] did a good job down the field. It was a good team effort. That was big. This was a good win for us.

Murphy on Josh Bordner's block on Murphy's first touchdown:

It was real good. He cut the guy. As soon as it happened, I was like, ‘Wow,' because I was home free. I ran up to him and slapped him on the helmet and told him what a good block it was. I told him he step it up perfectly. He sacrificed himself for the team. That is why he is a captain. He is going to continue to do a lot of big things for us.

DB Manuel Asprilla on the defensive effort:

The defense came out and did what it wanted to do. The effort was great; the intensity was great. We were out there flying around. We wanted to be out there.

N.C. State Coach Dave Doeren opening statement:

Hats off to Boston College, they played a great game and they played better than us. It was frustrating at times with all of the disruptions. They (BC) pressed us up; they started really fast and throughout the game adjusted really well.

Defensively we showed some heart tonight. I'm proud of them for the way they came out in the third quarter after the delay. We didn't fight the big plays off like we needed to, BC has averaged 300 yards per game and it showed tonight.

Doeren on the Boston College offense:

They are just so big up front; they have five fifth year seniors and we have 15 freshman on defense. It's hard for us to create that situation in practice and its frustrating for all of us.

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