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Boston College Football Schedule: Will New Mexico State Ever Make The Return Trip To Chestnut Hill?

Former OC Doug Martin's triumphant return to the Heights just might not be meant to be.


The New Mexico State Aggies have updated their future football schedules, which includes a game against Boston College in 2015. The 2015 date is the return trip for the Eagles' November road game in Las Cruces this coming season.

The Aggies, currently a Division I-A Independent, will join the Sun Belt Conference in 2014. With the move to the Sun Belt, New Mexico State has too many non-conference games on the 2015 schedule.

Here is the Aggies' future non-conference schedule for the 2015 season:

at New Mexico
at Florida
at Boston College
at Mississippi

New Mexico State will likely have to cancel one or two of these games to make way for a full Sun Belt Conference schedule. By 2015, the Sun Belt will be a 12-team conference and is rumored to be moving to a nine-game schedule. That will leave the Aggies to have to either cancel or push back two of these non-conference matchups. Looking at that non-conference lineup ... well, let's just say one of these things is not like the other.

For what it's worth I'm kinda hoping that New Mexico State does cancel its return trip to Chestnut Hill in 2015. With due respect to the Aggies, there are few Division I-A home opponents less appealing than New Mexico State (and even less appealing than a few I-AA ones).

Speaking of FCS opponents, Boston College has yet to schedule one in 2015. The Eagles are tentatively scheduled to face Army, Buffalo, New Mexico State and Notre Dame in non-conference play in 2015. If the program continues the recent trend of scheduling one FCS opponent a year, my guess is New Mexico State will come off the 2015 schedule only to be replaced by a local FCS program.

Former OC Doug Martin's triumphant return to the Heights just might not be meant to be.