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Frank Spaziani To Visit With New Mexico State Football Staff

Meta-trolling or conceding defeat?

It is unclear to me whether former Boston College offensive coordinator, now New Mexico State head coach Doug Martin is just trolling the hell out of his former employer or whether they are going to forfeit the Aggies' November 9 home date with Boston College.

This should kick the budding Boston College-New Mexico State football rivalry up a notch.

LAS CRUCES, N.M. - New Mexico State head football coach Doug Martin announced that former Boston College head coach and defensive master mind, Frank Spaziani will visit the Las Cruces campus for the week of April 15-20. Spaziani hired Martin as his offensive coordinator in 2012.

"To have an opportunity to have a coach like Frank Spaziani visit with your staff is a real honor," Martin said. "He obviously is one of the best defensive coaches in the country and has a great reputation of being a very creative coach. I think this is a great opportunity especially for our defensive staff to learn a lot from him specifically on the blitz package. I'm very grateful he is willing to take time out of his schedule to spend a week with us."

So New Mexico State needs help with its blitz package? I guess Jon Tenuta, Don Brown and approximately 65 other Division I-A defensive coordinators calendars were booked next week.

Hat tip @JohnCassillo