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Boston College 38, N.C. State 21: Quotables


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Addazio, that man gets it ...

Overall impressions from Coach Steve Addazio

"We're thrilled to death with the effort of our team, the effort of our seniors and their resolve, loyalty and faithfulness to this program and to the university. We came out and scrapped and fought really hard today to get that win."

"I think this was a testament to a university, to an athletic department, an athletic director, our fans, our students, our band and our football program. It was about really standing up, really fighting, really believing and really having faith."

"I told the team, faithfulness and loyalty will always be rewarded."

"The team had a great moment on the field. I also told the team, you've got to enjoy that great moment but in the same breathe realize that while we may have achieved some of our goals that we set out in the beginning, win the opener and get bowl eligible, there's really a lot left right now. We've got two more games to play. We're playing our best football. We need to enjoy that great feeling that you get to celebrate with your teammates and your university, like we did and that should fuel, inspire and motivate you to go out and achieve more. The message is enjoy this but let's get ready for a great week and let's go after win number seven right now."

"I just think this team is about squeezing everything out that we have as a team to be successful. We are as hungry as we were a week ago to get our seventh win right now. We're moving forward. This is not our defining moment; it's a great moment, but it's not a defining moment."

Addazio on running back Andre Williams

"Andre Williams set the BC single-game rushing record with 339 yards. He broke the ACC single-game rushing record. He's the leading rusher in America. He stands for what's right in college football. He's certainly without a doubt one of the more dominant players in college football. He's an unselfish guy who realizes that he has a great offensive line in front of him and he realizes that this is a team game. When you talk about those awards that are out there, they stand for guys that are really great players, they're student-athletes, and they're great people."

"He's just been a very unselfish guy, a very team guy. He's a humble, humble person who's worked very hard and he's very grateful. He's grateful for the system that we're in that allows his talent to come out. He's grateful for the offensive line that he has and the tight ends that do such a fabulous job and his quarterback who has become a tremendous leader and a tremendous game manager."

"He's a workhorse."

"I think that any time you have a dominant football player that is all about the right things and stands for what's right in college football then that's what the Heisman Trophy represents. There are some tremendously worthy candidates out there but why not Andre Williams."

Addazio on what the Coach told Andre Williams when he spoke with him during Senior Day ceremonies pre-game

"I told him that I love him and I told that I appreciated everything that he has done for this football program and that I wanted him to enjoy a special day that he will remember for the rest of his life."

Addazio on kicker Nate Freese who became BC's all-time scoring leader

"He's a tremendous person. He's a great guy. He's a low maintenance guy. He just goes out and does his job at a high level and represents everything that this university wants. He's been an unbelievable weapon for us all year long."

Senior RB Andre Williams on breaking the single-game rushing record

"It was a great moment for me. I remember my sophomore year when Montel [Harris] broke the record, and I was just so proud of him that he was able to get on the field and do things despite all the adversity that we were facing in the past years. He's really been a motivation for me. My mom and dad were on the field today, they were a motivation for me. It was my last game in Alumni Stadium and the emotions I was feeling before and during the game were just crazy. It really wasn't hard to get back on the field and get another run out there even though I was hurting, even though I was tired. None of those things really mattered because there was so much on the line. Everything we wanted was right in front of us. Now we're bowl-eligible and that's what we've really been fighting for this whole season."

Williams on becoming bowl eligible

"It meant everything to us because that was our main goal coming into the season, to become bowl eligible. To be able to do it in our last game at Alumni Stadium, it was just an unreal feeling. Afterwards, being able to celebrate with our entire student body was something I've never seen before at BC. I'm going to remember it forever."

Senior LB Kevin Pierre-Louis on winning this game one Senior Day

"I think the key word is emotions. There were a lot of emotions in the air from our senior class. It was one of the first times, as a whole senior class, we took hold of the entire game. Andre handled offense, Ian [White] handles the offensive line and they've been absolute monsters the entire season, and from a defensive standpoint Kasim [Edebali] and I and the other seniors on the squad looked at each other and said, `we have to do it, it has to come from us. We can't wait for the younger guys to pick us up. This is our game, this is our day, this is our last chance.' There's not too many times in life when you know it's going to be your last chance, and today was one of those times that you knew that. This is it, you'll never have this time back. I'm just glad that we came together, and we're going to remember this day for the rest of our lives."

KPL on celebrating with the fans

"It reminded me of a picture in one of the administrator's office where we had beaten Notre Dame and it was a sky view picture of everyone in the middle of the field and all the student body around us, and I was like `woah, I wish we had a picture like that.' I remember having all the student body come around us after today's win and I look up at the jumbotron and see the same exact picture. It was just magical."

KPL on the team's turnaround this season

"I credit the coaching staff, starting with Coach Addazio. He's done an amazing job creating a supporting cast around us. A group of individuals that are all on the same page. He talks about the team. He's an offensive guy, but he runs plays for our defense. He's all about the team and it's showing as we bond together as a team, as we keep striving and keep facing adversity and getting these wins."

Senior OL Ian White on RB Andre Williams' performance

"I'm not surprised at all. I've seen it every day, year round. Seeing him in the weight room, seeing him in practice, running when we're doing conditioning drills. He's always first, he's always trying to be first at everything and be in the best shape. I'm not surprised at all, I wouldn't be surprised if he goes for more next week. His motor doesn't stop."

White on the team's turnaround this season

"You have to say coaching. Coaching has been huge. We're playing to our strengths. We're a team, offense helps the defense and defense helps the offense, and both help special teams. It's something that Addazio said since he got here and we all bought in 100 percent to what he wanted us to do and we're seeing the rewards for it."

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