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Boston College Football: Steve Addazio Press Conference On N.C. State

Addazio talks bowl eligibility, differences between this year and last, the emergence of Myles Willis and the health of Harrison Jackson.

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COACH ADDAZIO: Obviously we're coming off a tough fought win at New Mexico State, a tough trip, tough game. Thought our players really strained. Offense, defense, special teams really strained and really fought together as a team to get that win. So I was excited to see that. I thought that was important that we put together two weeks where we've had to really fight and overcome some adversity which was an important part of the building of your program. Andre Williams broke the B.C. single game rushing record with close to 300 yards, and Alex Amidon broke the all‑time receiving yards record. So couple of exciting things happened there. So as we prepare here now of course we're getting ready for North Carolina State, and I'm really impressed with North Carolina State.

Obviously, they're a really well‑coached football team. They're a talented football team. You watch the tape on both sides of the ball, special teams. This is a good squad with really a lot of ability on defense. They're very, very stout front seven and big, strong physical guys that run to the ball really, really well.

On offense, they have a lot of offense. They're very talented and they have play makers. They've got good scheme, good coaches. So we know we're playing an outstanding team coming in here to Chestnut Hill. This is really going to be a really, really tough football game. Both teams fighting to be in Bowl position, both teams hungry, so it's going to be a big contest, a really tough, physical battle, so we're looking forward to playing the game here Saturday.

Q. What would it mean to you to take the program back to a Bowl game in your first season? How much is that I motivating factor for your players right now?

COACH ADDAZIO: Well, what means the world to us is our seniors really want to leave a legacy of bringing the program back. This is a great group of seniors. A group of guys that are totally bought in, totally committed to the program, to our staff, really playing some of their best football right now. This is very, very important to them. So I want to see that so badly for them. They want to leave that legacy.

So that would be the window into what's going on here. It's Senior Day. It's the last home game. There will be a lot of emotion on the field. I want them to prepare really hard so they can be at competitive excellence and play their best game.

Q. Other than you, what is the biggest difference why this team has gone from being two wins last year to being on the verge of being Bowl eligible?

COACH ADDAZIO: I think our team has really come together as a team and really learning that the preparation and mentally and physically we're a work in progress. We've been a work in progress. We've grown a little bit each week in different ways. We're still growing. I hope that the best is still ahead this season. But I think our seniors are really coming together. I just see each game more they're straining more and more and liking it. I think that's what it's all about.
We felt like here at Boston College we need to be a physically tough team. We need to be a passionate team, and we need to be a team‑team. The team concept has to be very important here. We need to do all things that take no talent really well because we control them in week ten. I think those things are starting to come together.

But I think again we're a work in progress. We have to scratch for every Saturday. Doesn't matter where we play, who we play, it's a dog fight. It's a scratch, it's a strain. It's what we are, it's who we are, and we have to prepare each week that that's the way it's going to be.

Q. I know so much of the focus this week is on your seniors, but I wanted to see if you could expand a little about one of your freshmen, Myles Willis. What, honestly were your expectations of him in terms of what he can contribute to this team in the first year?

COACH ADDAZIO: Well, I didn't have any high expectation because I really didn't know a lot about Myles. Because Myles was committed, obviously, when I got here. I knew he had‑‑ I saw his tape. I saw he had skills. But what's really been unbelievable is I just love his passion for the game. He's one of those guys that every day he comes locked and loaded every day. Smiling when he comes on the field, that is the very best part of his day. He's explosive. He has ability. But his attitude and everything about him. You like guys that make you feel good. He's an energy giver. So he's got a really nice career ahead of him. He's growing. He's still a freshmen. He makes those mistakes. But he's definitely a guy that's been a tremendous asset. Honestly, I guess you'd have to say a big surprise to have the impact that he's had so quickly.

Q. Would it surprise you to know that he's never played running back before, he's never played receiver before, he's never been a kick returner before, yet he's had a rushing touchdown, a receiving touchdown, and now a returning touchdown. Are you going to let him hit for the cycle and throw for a touchdown?

COACH ADDAZIO: You never know. I mean, he was an option quarterback in high school. I tell you what, it's a great lesson. Those option quarterbacks in high school end up being really good players in college because I'm telling you they've got all kinds of different skillsets.

But you're right. I mean, it's funny. You pointed all that out which is highly accurate. On top of that he loves ball and that's awesome.

Q. I wanted to check in on the status of Harrison Jackson. I know he had been in the hospital in El Paso?

COACH ADDAZIO: Yeah, Harrison just got back late last night. I actually just saw he and his mom here first practice, and just visited before I walked in here. He is doing well and he looks good. He's got obviously a recovery road ahead of him here.

But it's just great to have him back at B.C., back around his family and looking with a smile on his face. So that was really a great thing to see. We're just thrilled to death because we've all been so concerned, but he's doing well.

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