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N.C. State 27, Boston College 10: Quotables

Reactions from players and coaches following BC's season-ending 27-10 loss to N.C. State

Reactions from players and coaches following BC's season-ending 27-10 loss to N.C. State.

-- Spaz on the game: "First of all, congratulations to State. They did a good job. Nice team. Turnovers and penalties. We had a chance to cut it to 14-10 and we couldn't make the play."

-- Spaz on the defensive performance in the first half: "We have been playing better the last couple of weeks, defensively. We gave them a short field a couple of times. We threw an interception. We have been playing better defense. But it is a team game."

-- Spaz on the opening drive in third quarter: "It's not what you would want to have happen. It was a third-down pass, right? They executed. Kudos to them. We didn't execute right there - we could have held them to a field goal. It was still a ball game. Our guys blocked the extra point. Guys are still fighting. We almost blocked the next one later on. We played 60 minutes, we just didn't play well enough."

-- Spaz on Finch's performance of 144 yards on 19 carries: "Deuce [Rolandan Finch] is a great kid. He has some talent. Maybe his eyes got opened. He's been a different back the last three games. He practiced differently. It's all part of growing up and understanding lessons that need to be learned. Deuce can be even better than that. He can. Good for him."

-- On mistakes: "We had some crucial penalties. That's the kind of stuff that leads to the results that you are seeing."first year the statistic was kept, besting the mark of 27.7% (2004) and 27.6% (2002). The 50 made conversions is tied for the second-most in school history, tying the 2004 squad and behind the 46 conversions in 1991."

-- QB Chase Rettig on his individual performance: "There were points where I could have played better. That's what really comes down to and they had a good scheme on our third downs that kind of hurt us. They were kind of in the right scheme for that."

-- Rettig on becoming the fourth Eagles QB to eclipse the 3,000 yard mark in a single season: "I just have to thank the receivers and the offensive line (for the milestone), that's pretty much it," said Rettig. "I could have done a lot more and there's more that needs to be done."