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N.C. State 27, Boston College 10: 2012 Season Mercifully Comes To An End

Spaz falls flat in his finale with BC.


In a game that mattered with nothing on the line other than Boston College football pride, the Eagles finished their season just like they started it -- with a loss to an ACC foe. If you didn't watch this game, you didn't miss much. It was a tough game to watch featuring two poorly executed offenses and disappointing BC plays.

The Eagles defense came out looking strong. and held Mike Glennon in check the first half. The BC D was led by some great plays by Nick Clancy, who blocked a field goal, and Kasim Edebali, who got good pressure in the backfield. But just like almost every other game this season they ran out of gas after halftime and the Wolfpack had no trouble moving the ball and scoring points.

Boston College's offense was all out of sorts today. The offensive line gave quarterback Chase Rettig no time to make his reads. Wide receiver drops were turned into three interceptions for the N.C. State defense, including a game changing pick six for star cornerback David Amerson. You had to feel for Rettig. The Eagles junior QB was pounded all game long -- hit on almost every play -- as the offensive line looked completely overwhelmed.

The lone bright spot on offense was Rolandan Finch, who finished the day with 144 yards rushing and Eagles lone TD. Such a shame that Spaz wasted this year tinkering with him because Finch was clearly the best offensive weapon BC had out there today. It will be exciting to see what Finch will be able to do with a competent coach.

As for Spaz, he most likely will be leaving Boston College after a 2-10 record. This will go down as one of, if not, the worst season in recent BC history. No matter how many "Spaz is a good guy" articles are printed in the Globe and Herald, the fact remains that this football program is a mess. But that dark days will end today. It simply cannot get any worse. Brad Bates will do whatever it takes to fix this program and bring back to prominence. It's only a matter of time before press conferences are held, new coaches are named, and "Ever to Excel" returns to The Heights.