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Boston College Depth Chart For N.C. State Game

Frank Spaziani's final depth chart, I love the ring of it.


Last game of the year, last game of Frank Spaziani's awful tenure. Let's cut to the chase and see who will be on the two deep for NC State.


  1. Chase Rettig - JR
  2. Dave Shinskie - SR

After I squawked about it last week, Spaz decides to put his senior on the depth chart. Honestly at this point I would like to see Uncle Dave play so that Rettig doesn't get killed.


  1. David Dudeck - FR
  2. Rolandan Finch - JR

Dudeck had a nice game, but give me a break .

Wide Receivers:

  1. Alex Amidon - JR
  2. Donte Elliott - SR
  1. Johnathan Coleman - JR
  2. Dan Crimmins - FR
  1. Spiffy Evans - SO
  2. Colin Larmond Jr. - SR

Same as last week. After watching Larmond drop a few passes and go gator arms on another, I understand why he isn't starting. Hopefully he will get some snaps to finish off his career at Boston College.

Tight End:

  1. Chris Pantale- SR
  2. C.J. Parsons- SO or Mike Giacone - FR
Same situation as previous two weeks.

Offensive Line

Left Tackle:

  1. Emmett Cleary - SR
  2. Dan Lembke - R-FR

Left Guard:

  1. Bobby Vardaro - SO
  2. Harris Williams - SO
  1. Andy Gallik - SO
  2. Paul Gaughan - R-FR

Right Guard:

  1. Seth Betancourt - SO
  2. Bryan Davis - JR

Right Tackle:

  1. John Wetzel - SR
  2. Aaron Kramer - SO

The offensive line was atrocious last week on the pass, so much so that Rettig was antsy even when there wasn't a pass rush. Just please let Rettig stay upright, that's all we can ask at this point right?


  1. Jake Sinkovec - JR or Mike Naples - JR
Don't know why they bother to list this when Chris Pantale did most of the fullback work last week. Maybe to make them feel special?

Defensive Ends:

  1. Kasim Edebali - SR or
  2. Brian Mihalik - SO
  1. Mehdi Abdesmad - SO
  2. Malachi Moore - FR

Same as last week.

Left Tackle

  1. Max Ricci - JR
  2. Dominic Appiah - SO

Right Tackle

  1. Bryan Murray - SR
  2. Kieran Borcich - FR

Ricci had a decent game last week, and Appiah and Borcich return to the two deep.


  1. Steele Divitto - JR
  2. Andre Lawrence - JR


  1. Nick Clancy - SR
  2. Nick Lifka - FR


  1. Kevin Pierre- Louis - JR
  2. Sean Duggan - SO

Nick Clancy is back on the two deep, he wasn't listed last week, but had a great game, eventually being named ACC Linebacker of the Week. Kevin Pierre-Louis is also back, and Steven Daniels is back on the bench.

Field Corner:

  1. Manuel Asprilla - SO
  2. Bryce Jones - FR

Back Corner:

  1. Sean Sylvia - SO
  2. Ted Davenport - SO

Ameer Richardson is off the two deep, replaced by Davenport.

Strong Safety:

  1. Spencer Rositano - SO
  2. Jim Noel - SR

Free Safety:

  1. Justin Simmons - FR
  2. Josh Keyes- SO

Noel got major snaps last week, everything remains the same.

Punt Returner:

  1. Spiffy Evans - FR
  2. Bryce Jones - FR

Kick Returner:

  1. Spiffy Evans - SO
  2. Bryce Jones- FR


  1. Nate Freese - JR
  2. Alex Howell - R-FR


  1. Gerald Levano - SR
  2. Alex Howell - R-FR


  1. Sean Flaherty - SR
  2. Dave Shinskie - SR


  1. Gerald Levano - SR
  2. Josh Bordner - SO