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Boston College 29, Maryland 26: Quotables

Postgame reactions from players and coaches following BC's dramatic 29-26 win over Maryland.

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Head coach Steve Addazio's opening statement:

"Obviously, I'm so excited to stand up here after getting our seventh win. We played a tough game. Two teams really battled against each other. I thought Maryland was really well prepared for this game. It was kind of the tale of a bunch of different swings in the game. You saw about everything out there. I'm really proud of the way out kids fought. They were resilient and never gave in. They had great faith and we had some great performances. Obviously, Andre [Williams] rushed for about 265 [yards], which put him over 2,000. We had 375 or so on offense. We made some chunk plays on offense. We held them to under 300 and I thought our defense played exceptionally well, especially in the first half. It was just one of those tough games with two evenly match teams just battling with each other. I'm proud of our team for going on to get a road ACC win on senior day here. My heart goes out to the kids at Maryland because I thought they fought really hard. I know how hard it is to lose a game like that on the final kick, but I'm proud of our guys and how resilient they are and how they represented our university. I can't say enough good things about our staff and our team and how they've stuck together and fought."

Addazio on if he's ever seen a stranger fourth quarter:

"No. Right up through the blocked extra point that got returned for two points to tie the game up. The swings were unbelievable. I've got to do a better job of making sure to cover that blocked extra point. Everybody just kind of stood around and watched it. There was highs and lows and everything in between. There was a little bit for everybody."

Addazio on quarterback Chase Rettig:

"I've been telling everybody for a long time that Chase has been extremely unselfish and resilient. I know he was disappointed early, but he showed great leadership and toughness. He made a couple of big throws that were really critical for us. I'm just happy for him and proud of him. I can't say enough good things about Chase Rettig in terms of his leadership, his competitiveness and his value to our football team."

Addazio on what he thought when running back Andre Williams was hurt:

"I was worried about him. I'm still worried about him. He's a competitor, but I know he's pretty banged up. He took a lot of shots in there like he does each week. We're going to have a pretty beat up guy come tomorrow and we've just got to do the best we can to get him back. We're a really physical team."

Addazio on kicker Nate Freese:

"I was honestly really confident [he'd make the kick the second time]. I didn't know what to think on the first one. When I saw they called timeout and he missed it, I said to myself, he's going to get this one. He's a real confident guy. I have faith in players that are together and that prepare hard and believe in each other. Let's let our best players go win it at the end. That's our strength. Nate Freese is one of our strengths."

Quarterback Chase Rettig on the game-winning field goal:

"We had some confidence; we're a fourth quarter team. I couldn't imagine a better way to end the game than my roommate kicking a field goal."

Rettig on it being a back-and-forth game:

"It went back and forth, we were down 10 at one point. A big emphasis today was just having faith and believing in situations that we could still win the football game. It just goes to show we have some trust in each other; we rallied around each other and ended up making the plays when it mattered the most."

Running back Andre Williams on getting the seventh win of the season:

"My goal this year was to win. Coach said something a few weeks ago that I took to heart "accomplishments are derivatives of success; real success are winning these games". So that's what we keep our minds on. Now we have to go get win number eight, I've never seen that before in my career at BC so this is history for us."

Williams on the touchdown run:

"These coaches are so smart; once they diagnose the situation, they have a play that's going to work as long as we execute as an offense. On that play, it was designed to hit inside and they overplayed the boundary."

Wide receiver Alex Amidon on the fourth quarter:

"It was a crazy game. I've never won a game on a field goal like that. It was something unreal."

Amidon on getting the seventh win:

"It's important to secure the bowl and it's great to secure a winning season. Those two things are awesome for this team."

Kicker Nate Freese on having two chances to win the game towards the end:

"It was an exciting game. Everyone kept telling me `it's coming down to you in the end', and I'm glad we got a shot."

Freese on what he was thinking after the timeout:

"I heard it coming from their sideline, so I knew something happened. Going into that re-kick I was a lot more confident."

Freese on his out-of-the-ordinary and wild day:

"I take all the blame for that PAT, the one that they returned. I knew I had to help out the team and make up for it with that last kick."

Freese on what he was thinking about before making the game-winning kick:

"I was calm. I was trying to get a better judgment of the wind, which going from my right to left. Being out there a little longer let me kind of got a better feel for it."

Defensive end Kasim Edebali on what the seventh win means:

"Right now I am still really emotional. This is everything we are about. Coach came in and said, `We were going to win this game in the fourth quarter. It's going to be a game where you have to grind. Stay with executing the game plan and keep having faith in each other' and in the end the outcome was great."

Edebali on Maryland's success with short passes:

"Everybody knows we play aggressively. If they sometimes catch us when we are not on-point with our technique, that's where they could get us. They got a couple of screens that hit us pretty good, so we had to go to the sideline, get the corrections right, maybe switch up the defense a little bit, and then just keep playing our game."

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