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Boston College Vs. Maryland Football Preview With Testudo Times

We landed a B1G interview with SBNation blogger Testudo Times, in our final football Q&A before they head off to get slaughtered by Ohio State and Michigan on a regular basis.

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This week we return to discuss Maryland football with Alex from SB Nation's Maryland Blog Testudo Times. The blog does a great job covering the B1G issues that effect Maryland football including football, basketball and that $50 million dollars they still owe the ACC. Let's see what they had to say about this week's game.

BC Interruption: After being nationally ranked at one point, Maryland finally became bowl eligible last weekend with a win over Virginia Tech. Can you talk about how the year has gone for the Terps so far?

Testudo Times: The season has been a tale of fragments. The first four games were tremendous, with some blowouts over cupcakes and a decisive, dominating shutout in Baltimore against West Virginia. Everything went to hell in games five through nine, starting with a 63-0 thrashing against Jameis Winston at Doak Campbell Stadium and concluding with a brutal clunker of a loss two weekends ago against Syracuse, at home. The win in Blacksburg certainly restored some optimism to start the final four games, however, and it was a good first step toward stabilizing Randy Edsall's job security and restoring fan confidence.

BCI: Maryland has been decimated with injuries this year, most notably with the loss of Stefon Diggs. Can you talk a little about how Maryland has adapted to these injuries.

TT: They haven't adapted especially well from a results standpoint, because they've gotten worse as more guys have gone down. The losses of Diggs, No. 2 receiver Deon Long and the team's top two cornerbacks have hurt a lot, and the team has at times looked impotent without them. There have been a few guys who have shown up well in replacement, most notably cornerback and return man Will Likely, who was the ACC Rookie of the Week for his effort at Virginia Tech.

BCI: C.J. Brown was injured last season when BC took on the Terps. What are his strengths as a quarterback. Where does he need room to develop?

TT: Brown's strength is in his feet. He's a competent passer, but his best chance to be a game-breaker is by running away from people -- and using that threat to open things up down the field. He could stand to turn the ball over less; he's got six interceptions and a handful of fumbles in eight starts.

BCI: Maryland appears to have a stout defense, who are some players on the D that BC fans need to know before the game? And how do you think the Terps are going to manage Andre Williams?

TT: Defensive end Andre Monroe has stood out lately, culminating with three sacks against Tech last weekend. The Terps are going to have a hard time against Williams because he's a devastatingly good running back, but the linebacking corps and defensive line aren't terrible, so I think they'll at least hold their own. He's going to have a good game, though.

BCI: Final Predictions?

TT: This is a tough one. Maryland should have a modicum of confidence after a big win last weekend and in front of a home crowd, but they're still ravaged by injury and have looked terrible for most of the last two months. I'll take B.C. in a squeaker, 24-21.

And for all Maryland news, make sure to check out the Testudo Times!