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Boston College 20, Maryland 17: Quotables

Takes on the Maryland game from Boston College players and coaches.

October 27, 2012; Boston, MA USA; Boston College Eagles quarterback Chase Rettig (11) throws a pass during the first half against the Maryland Terrapins at Alumni Stadium. Bob DeChiara-US PRESSWIRE

Takes on the Maryland game from Boston College players and coaches.

-- Boston College coach Frank Spaziani on the overall effort: "Obviously what can I say, it was an exciting, exhilarating victory. I can't say enough about the job that the kids did to hang in there. We struggled on offense but we were able to make a bunch of plays at the end and wound up winning the game. Certainly the defense played well. Players come to work and it finally paid off for them. Certainly I am happy for the assistant coaches who did a great job in all aspects of the kicking game, defense and offense."

-- Spaz on the Eagles' last offensive scoring drive: "They made plays. They made some plays. That's the mark of some guys with some constitution and character. That's what they had to do. We made a couple of nice plays and then we got a big play at the end. That's what good players do, they make a play."

-- Chase Rettig on the team's mindset on the last scoring drive: "We just go back to practice and all the times we've run the two-minute drill. We got a couple of completions - it's all about getting completions and getting back up to the line of scrimmage and making sure guys are there and not taking any penalties. I think everyone made good decisions. The line helped out. We had a big third-down-and-ten conversion to Amidon and that really propelled us."

-- Chase on game-winning TD: "We were throwing this one combination route all day. I tried to give them a little sauce on the slant, and Coleman came open in the back of the end zone. It worked out for us - I got rid of the ball quickly, and we scored a touchdown."

--Junior WR Johnathan Coleman on being on the receiving end of the game-winning score: "We were running that play all day, and they kept jumping on the slant so I guess they thought we were throwing it to Amidon - I think he has two or three touchdowns on that play. They jumped him, and they just forgot about me I guess. I was really excited - it's a game-winner."

-- And Amidon: "Coach Martin says let it come down to two minutes left and we have the ball, and he'll take us in to win the game. That's kind of our mindset just let us have the ball with two minutes left to go win the game."

-- Spaz on the team's defensive effort: "Bill and those guys did a good job over there getting the kids ready. We made a couple of plays. We made some mistakes but that's the ebb and flow of games. We were able to make some plays. Now we have to build on that and make some more. That's what happens when you can play a little defense, you can win some games."

-- Senior LB Nick Clancy on the defense playing from start to finish: "I thought the defense played well. In the past we've talked about which plays you wish you could have had back, the inconsistencies on defense. I think that's what was so important today - everybody was doing their job and was playing BC football from start to finish. There wasn't a good series here, a good series there, it was consistent throughout. I'm so proud of our guys and the way they came out. They dug deep at the end there."

-- On making stops in late-game situations: "The attitude of our defense was we wanted to be out there. I've never seen our d-linemen so fired up to get back on the field and our DBs so ready to play. I think that was a huge part in why we were so successful today. We wanted to be out there on the field, and we wanted the game on our shoulders."

-- On creating pressure on the quarterback: "We definitely weren't afraid to run some blitzes today. Every series we ran two or three blitzes every time. Not even just on blitzes, in our zone deep coverage, our d-line got great push off their offensive guards and tackles. Our d-line came out to play today, especially on a rookie quarterback that's huge."

-- Spaz on the contribution of the freshmen: "Those guys have been contributors. We can't say enough about them. They've been out there playing and practicing. Obviously just by the definition of freshman there are things they haven't seen. They are working at it. They are football players and the future is bright. They can only get better and we can only get better."

-- Freshman DB Justin Simmons on making plays as a freshman: "Coach [Mike] Siravo has preached from day one of camp that - when all the freshmen were third or fourth string - we're going to need you this year so prepare as if you were a first string guy. For all of our freshmen that's been our mentality from day one - preparing and making the older guys work. Today all we did was put what we've learned in practice into the game."

-- Rettig on getting that first ACC win of the year: "It's great. The last five weeks have been tough obviously. Offensively we've done some good things this year, and people have taken notice, but we could have done more in other games. It's just nice that we were able to put it together at the end of the game there and scored a touchdown. I think how we won the game today definitely gives us momentum going into next week."

-- And Alex Amidon on the ACC W: "It feels great, just getting a win it feels so good. You can feel the atmosphere in the locker room. Everyone's just so excited about it. It doesn't fix everything, but it just feels awesome. We're 1-0 today, that's how I think about it."

-- Spaz on military appreciation day: "We made a big deal out of it for our kids and it should be. These people that defend our country and do what they do, we all know that they need to be recognized. I think it's a great thing that Under Armor and college football has done. We probably should be doing more. There are some great people out there and we are thankful to them."

-- Spaz on the effect the victory will have on the team: "It's good to get that one. Hopefully we get some confidence, continue on and get better. It's a confirmation to me of what we believe in and what those kids have in them. I'm glad they were able to get the result. I know it's there and I know how to get it out of them but they're young and they need to have something like that. It's a confirmation to them, their work ethic and who they are."