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Boston College vs. Colorado State: Weekly Preview

The Eagles wrap up five straight games in Massachusetts with a trip from the Rams of the Rockies.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Hard to believe, but Boston College hasn't played a football game outside of Massachusetts. Through all the storylines, all the discussion points, we've been spoiled to watch everything play out from the Bay State. What started a month ago with UMass at Gillette interminably comes to a close this Saturday with game #5: the Colorado State Rams.

Regardless how this one turns out, BC exits September having met most of our expectations. The majority of us chose the Eagles to be 4-1 or 3-2 coming out of 2014's inaugural football month, and that's exactly where they'll be. A win puts BC in great position to score a second consecutive bowl berth. A loss makes it tougher even if they're still on track.

On the opposite sideline this week will be Colorado State. The majority of us know little to nothing about the Rams. They're out of the Mountain West Conference, conference foes of Air Force, Boise State, Nevada, and Wyoming. It seems like the middle of nowhere, a stark contrast from the big, bustling city of Boston.

But that's the joy of college football. Colorado State, a team we've never seen and might never see again, comes east. It's a game between two teams who represent different parts of the country, and a game between two teams vying for bowl candidacy. At 2-1, the Rams can use this win as a springboard to a potential run at a high berth out of the Group of Five. For BC, it's a chance to step one step closer to securing a berth in a bigger named game.

Boston College and Colorado State. We pretty much know nothing about what will happen on Saturday. Therein lies the fun.

Weekly Storylines (The Who Edition)

Who Are You. If anyone knows anything about Colorado State, send any and all information to your local resident BC Interruption writers. I can't speak for AJ, Brian, Grant, Joe, or even Jeff or Coach, but I can't name five guys on the Ram roster. I know their colors are green and gold. I know they play the first game of the year at Mile High Stadium (or whatever it's called) against Colorado in something called the Rocky Mountain Showdown (Colorado has something like a 62-22-2 edge all-time, but CSU's won three of the last six and two of the last three). Other than that? Beats the hell out of me. Hopefully by the time I have to do a film study on this these guys, I'll know something about them or I'll break down film from the Maine game (and nobody really wants that). And yes, I chose The Who this week just so I could pick this song for this reason.

Won't Get Fooled Again. BC's hangover stuck out like a sore thumb in the first quarter against the Black Bears. The Eagles eventually wore out Maine and won by 30, but didn't leave us feeling warm and fuzzy about it. BC experienced considerable gaps in their game, starting with the offense. It all ironed out, but the decision looms regarding gameplan methodology. The players will study, and the coaches will prepare. But one thing's for damn sure: on Saturday, BC cannot be fooled by another opponent because there's no such thing as a gimme.

Pinball Wizard. Over the weekend, I detailed the Eagles' offensive skillset and how we should be thrilled to have such a dynamic running game. Predictably, some of you immediately scorned me by saying BC needs to pass. Somewhere, Al Davis and Don Coryell smile.

Here's the deal - Ryan Day is the pinball wizard. He runs an offense with limited weaponry, but he uses it perfectly. When BC fails, everyone looks at him and immediately calls him inept (deaf, dumb, and blind kid). But he's going to be the pinball wizard, the man who eventually grows in name and stature. He's built a winner two years in a row off nothing more than a feeling for his team. He's organically built this offense game after game. I'm more excited than ever to see what next wrinkle he unveils, and I'm adamant about minimizing the passing game (not eradicating but minimizing). I can't wait to see what Day does next in terms of running his pinballs off bumpers as points rack up.

Matchup Fun Facts

School: Colorado State University
Nickname: Rams

Founded: 1870
All-Time Record: 477-530-33
Claimed National Championships: 0
Conference Championships: 15
Postseason Record: 7-7
Consensus All-Americans: 2

Head Coach: Jim McElwain
All-Time Record: 14-15

Years at School: 3

Head-to-Head With BC

All-Time Series: BC leads, 1-0
Streak: BC, 1
Last BC Win: 2003 (35-21 in San Francisco Bowl)
Last CSU Win: N/A
BC vs. Mountain West: 6-5-0
First Meeting: 2003