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Boston College 40, Maine 10: Quotables

Post-game quotes from players and coaches following Boston College's 40-10 victory over Maine.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Addazio's opening statement

Obviously it's great to get our third win. We certainly didn't come out of the blocks very well. We were lethargic. We made a bunch of mistakes which is my responsibility. I've got to go back and take a look at our preparation, but we did come out in the second half and I thought we played much more physically. I won't say it was clean but it was more physical.

Coach Cosgrove and Maine came out and played hard. They did exactly what you think their program would do. Be physical, be tough and play hard. They absolutely did that. The amount of mistakes we made on both sides of the ball early, that's on me. I've got to get that right. I'm not happy about that. We'll get that fixed.

You're 3-1. You got your third win. You've got a chance to go get your fourth win. This is football. There are ebbs and flows and ups and downs in football. You're trying to level them out but I learned a long time ago, cherish the wins. When you start not cherishing the wins and you start nitpicking too much on that, then you're missing the boat there but having said that what needs to be fixed, needs to be fixed. We made too many stumble bumble errors in there.

Addazio on the play of the underclassman

I was excited to see all the young players on the field today. I was excited for Marcus Outlow to get a chance to get out there. He has really good talent. We were dying for him to have a chance to break on the scene. I thought he did a great job breaking on the scene today. That gives us even more depth there. You can see the bright future that we have. We have a bunch of young guys on both sides. That part was really pretty exciting. I'm jacked about that.

I'm very excited about our future with these young players. They're exciting. I think that's the best take away I have. The fact that we came out in the second half and did what we had to do.

Addazio on freshman Marcus Outlow's effort running the ball

He's got tremendous hands. He's got great power. He has a lot of 'make you miss'. We've been saying all along, we think Marcus is the real deal.

Addazio on next week's game vs. Colorado State

We've got to come back and get ready to roll this week. We're playing against a team that has a bye week now. They're going to have plenty of rest.

I want to get better. I want to improve. I know what's ahead us. We're getting ready to play a really good Colorado State team. That's what's looking down the barrel. Then ACC play is looking down the barrel at us. We've got to get going. The level we played at a week ago is the level we have to play at all the time. That's it. That's just it.

OL Andy Gallik on Maine as an opponent

We knew what kind of team they were coming into the game. Every college football team has good college football players. There's not that much difference in talent levels, just a little bit. We knew they were in the same situation we were last week against USC... They are a good football team and they showed today that they have tough guys. They're relentless and they will keep coming after you. I give a lot of credit to them. They have a lot of tough guys that I'd like to have on my team. We kept hammering away at them, and when we got the game into the fourth quarter we ran away with it.

Gallik on the start of the game

The last couple games we came out flat on the first couple drives. That's something we have to get rid of... Coach has told us that from the first snap, it doesn't matter, just go as if you're a quarter into the game and you are used to the opponent you are playing against. That's something we have to get fixed, especially this week coming up, because a team like Colorado State is going to make us pay if we come out as flat as we did today.

QB Tyler Murphy on the running game being the focus of the offense

I wouldn't say we are concerned, but it's definitely in the backs of our heads. We know teams are going to try to stop the run and load the box, and we have to make plays down the field. We started to get a little momentum with the quick game. We missed a few shots down field that we were about one step away from completing, but it's an on-going process and it's something we are going to keep working at.

If teams aren't going to stop the run, we're going to keep running it, but we are prepared for when we don't rush for 400 yards rushing. We might only have 200, and we'll have to throw for 200 or so to balance it out. We are definitely going to be ready for that, and we are still working. We are growing week to week and we need to grow this week because Colorado State is a good team and they are going to come in here and try to get the W.

Murphy on running the option

It keeps the linebackers and the guys in the second level off balance because they can't shoot their gaps. They have to read the play and watch it develop and then attack. By the time that happens, we're already in the second level blocking guys, so anytime you can have different runs schemes and be successful at it, it opens things up. That's when we have to run play action, and we need to get better at that, and that starts with me. That's something I can guarantee that we'll fix and be able to rely on.

LB Josh Keyes on turning the game around

We started very slow, we had the first drive where we let up the touchdown, then the offense got back on and started doing what they do best - playing aggressive and strong and making tough runs.

RB Marcus Outlow on getting his chance to play

It feels great. I'm so blessed to get the opportunity. I've been waiting for my time and rooting on the guys that got in there before me, but I always told myself that when I get my chance I have to seize the moment and go capture it. I'm so thankful I was able to convert and take advantage of my opportunity, so I feel good.

Outlow on buying into the team

I've bought into the program early, and I truly believe what Coach Addazio is saying, and he's been telling me for a while now that I can be a special player and to keep my head on straight and stay positive. That's what I've been doing, and today he called my number and I got my opportunity and I made it. He has a lot of faith in me, he knows I'm a good kid, and I'm totally with whatever decision he makes.

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