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Florida State 20, Boston College 17: Quotables

Post-game reactions from players and coaches following Boston College's 20-17 loss to Florida State.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Head coach Steve Addazio opening statement:

"It was obviously a very disappointing loss, a tough game. We played a good opponent, played hard. We had 313 to their 390, rushed for 240. We had two freshman tailbacks, Hilliman and Outlow, I thought played really, really well. I thought our quarterback played really well, I thought our offensive line played well. We played physical and we played hard. At Boston College, we came down here to win these games. Someone asked me coming out of the locker room if I was proud of my football team; of course I am proud of our football team.

Am I proud of their effort? Absolutely, I am proud of their effort, their toughness, the physicality, the way we played, no question about that. We didn't come down here to lose this football game. As we build this program, there is no way, shape or form are we going to take any solace on walking off this field saying ‘wow, you played them really close.' We are coming down here to build this program to win these football games. And that is what we will do here; we are building something. There will be that time and its coming in the real near future."

Addazio on the play of the Boston College defense tonight:

"We created a turnover, we were able to stop them a couple of times. We needed to get off the field and we struggled early with that with those drives. We are going to get to the point where you're not going to see a team go down the field at the end of the game like that and take it away from us. It doesn't demean the effort that was put forward, but that's just something that we have to get shored up."

Addazio on going for the trick play before the field goal attempt in the fourth quarter:

"We felt great about the play, we had it. We had the play; we worked on it and wanted to take a shot. Obviously, we didn't want to be in a situation where we were kicking it. We were trying to avoid kicking that field goal like that, we wanted to go for the score. We felt great about the play, I feel great about the play right now in hindsight. We probably would have liked to get the play off a little earlier, even with that we were able to get two hands on the ball. They lost him; it was a great call, it was the right time for the call. It didn't happen and forced us into a field goal. It was a makeable field goal for us. We just missed it, that's life."

Addazio on Florida State's ability to find a way to win:

"Florida State is the number one team in the country. Florida State is a very good football team. They play their best football in the second half. They rise up; Florida State is a hell of a team. I think we played a hell of a football game against them today is what I think. All I can tell you is this, I'm not here to speak for anybody else, I've been in that situation before, when all you hear is everything that you don't do well enough, yet you're undefeated. I don't get all that, I don't think I ever will. The object is to win football games and find a way to win and they have obviously done an unbelievably great job of doing that, that's what I really look at. They play in a Power 5 conference, I think one of the better Power 5 conferences, and week in and week out they find a way to win. It's a heck of a football program and a heck of a football team."

QB Tyler Murphy on Florida State's final drive to win the game:

"You know, it's not fun. You know you'd rather have the ball in your hands. We had a chance to make a play and I just didn't make it. I fell short. I mean, we battled hard, but like Coach [Steve Addazio] said, we didn't expect to come into this game and keep it close or just play hard, we got on a bus and got on a plane, and our goal is to win. You know, we fell short. We expect to play hard, we expect to give great effort. That's why you put the Boston College uniform on and that's what you're expected to do. We fell short, like Coach said, we had a chance to make a play and I didn't make it."

Murphy on Boston College's trick play in the fourth quarter:

"We spent time on it, but we didn't hang our hat on that play. We needed to execute on all phases of the game. I just had to make the play. I didn't make the play. If you want to win games like that, you've got to make the play, and I didn't do that."

Murphy on execution of trick play:

"It was a perfect pass, I went up and got my hands on it. You know as a quarterback you expect guys to make the catch when they get their hands on the ball. It was my chance to do the same and I didn't make the play. I've got to find a way to just make that play and get better, and watch the film and figure out what ways we could have pulled it off."

Murphy on speaking to Florida State QB Jameis Winston after the game:

"He just told me to keep my head up and (that) I'm a hell of a player. I just wished him the best of luck with the rest of the season. I told him that he's a great player as well. It was just short small talk like that. He's a great player and he's done a lot for this program. He's a great leader and he's done a lot. You know, hat off to him, just fighting through and
finding a way to help his team win at the end."

Murphy on the touchdown pass to tie the game:

"It wasn't really play-action, it was really just more of a drop back pass. I kind of got flushed a little bit to my left, and I was looking for (WR Shakim Phillips) and next thing you know, I see him running downfield with his hand up. I just wanted to put the ball (on him) and give him a chance to score. I didn't want to overthrow, he made a great play and ran under it, made a great catch and finished the play off. (He) did a great job. My job was easy, (he) did all the hard work of getting open and making a difficult catch."

Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher opening statement:

"[I'm] very proud of our kids. [They] played hard, made plays when we had to make them. Offense was a heck of a drive at the end. Like I say, that team [Boston College] limited you possession wise. We only had eight in the game, and they did a nice job of keeping things off balance, but we bent, still didn't give up but 17 points which I think is very critical in the game.

Offensively we had the ball four times in the first half, scored three. The other time was an interception, which we got through our hands, which I still want to see the film on that one a little bit, too.

And then in the second half we hit a first down, got a penalty, had to punt, backed up, and then drive down, we missed the field goal, then we had another penalty and we had the ball at midfield there and got behind the stick and then we dropped a post route down there that we're open on, then we kicked the game-winning field goal, and that was it on offense.

Again, [we] moved the ball extremely well. When you get eight possessions in a game, that's not very many, and the dropped post and the holding were critical plays. The guys don't do it on purpose, but you can't make those mistakes in a tight game like that, but that's what keeps it close. Great job our team, tremendous drive to eat the clock and the game at the end, Roberto [Aguayo] hits a field goal, we centered it up just like we do a lot of two-minute drills, and very proud of the way we used that.

Defensively, bent didn't break, gave up a couple third downs. That was a critical third down we gave up coming off the goal line. They hit a power play and we got it bunched up and it bounces outside and they get it, but we've got to make that play.

But [I'm] still proud. They played much better in the second half. They did a good job, they ran midline, they ran speeds, they ran counters, they ran powers, they did a really good scheming in the off week in the things they did. But the quarterback scrambled a couple times, we lost contain. We didn't lose contain, we had a spy on him and he got caught up inside.

But Roberto even had a missed field—we had a high snap which threw the timing off, and we got a missed field goal. But games like that where you don't get many possessions, they're always going to be close games.

Again, very proud of our team the way we competed in the game, played well and did a good job on 3rd down, scored in the red zone when we got down there, when we got chances to get down there. I thought Cason [Beatty] punted the ball well. I think we only punted once or twice in the game if I'm not mistaken. Was it twice? But proud of them. Heck of a football game, fun one to watch, I guess. That's the way they go. Again, very proud of our team the way they competed and played very hard. Got to continue to get better."

Fisher on Jameis Winston-shoves-referee-gate:

Q: Did you give an answer why the ref wouldn't let Jameis Winston snap the ball?

"Oh, he said we had changed a running back somewhere. I don't know. Never mind. I'm going to shut up. I'm getting a
little perturbed on some of that stuff."

Q: Jameis (Winston) looked like he shooed him away.

"He did [laughing]. Next question, please."

Fisher on how the team won and whether his team should remain in the top four in the College Football Playoff:

"Why wouldn't it? We're undefeated. We're undefeated. We finish every game. Everybody else in the country has not finished at least one game. We've finished every one of them. Isn't that the object? Isn't that the object?"

QB Jameis Winston on how Florida State seems to be downgraded (in the polls) every time they win a close game:

"Well, you know, we were downgraded every time we blew someone out last year, so think of the irony of that. If we win the game close, we're bad, when we blow someone out, we're bad. But the thing is we're a team, we're a family at Florida State. What everyone else thinks about us, that's none of our business, as long as we love each other, as long as we trust in each other and as long as we believe in each other and keep winning football games, I think we're still going to do what we have to do."

Kicker Roberto Aguayo on missing the field goal and coming back to kick the game winning field goal:

"I talked to my teammates and we moved on, and I knew there was going to be another kick and I told them be ready for another one. That one was in the past, move on from it and we hit another one. I know there are going to be misses out there. Obviously I kick to make it, but it happens. The snap wasn't there, Cason Beatty tried to hold it down, missed it by a little bit, but it happens like I said. I talked to them after, we regrouped and on to the next one. We can't worry about it. We can't dwell on it. We got a game to win."

Aguayo on whether or not the rain was a factor with his kicking:

"I can't put the excuse on the rain because there are people in the north kicking in the snow. It does make the conditions and makes the kicks harder, honestly, with the ground being muddy. It is harder to kick it, but it was well in my range as a 40-yard kick so I knew that factored out. I don't blame it on the weather."