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Boston College vs. Florida State: Final Thoughts And Predictions

Can BC pull off a monumental upset in Tallahassee?

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Oh boy do the Eagles have a tough one facing them on Saturday. The undefeated Florida State Seminoles, the #3 team in the country, is hosting an Eagles team that is two weeks removed from licking their wounds after getting pounded by Louisville. Lots of story lines in this one, as Florida State will look to improve their post season resume, while the Eagles will try to shock the world.

Big Questions

Can Tyler Murphy find holes in the Florida State line to break a big play? Will BC continue to try to push the run on first down? What weaknesses will the Eagles try to exploit on a Florida State defense that has looked rather ordinary at times? Can the Florida State secondary force Tyler Murphy into some costly turnovers? Will BC be better fitted to give a majority of their carries to a physical back like Jon Hilliman or try for some speed with Marcus Outlow or Myles Willis? Can the BC receivers gain any space against an FSU secondary that is filled with talent? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CAN BC NOT MISS AN EXTRA POINT? Will Alex Howell be able to pin the Seminoles deep and prevent them from gaining early field position. FSU has some stud offensive lineman, will BC be able to pressure Jameis Winston like they did last year in the first half? How will BC scheme against Rashad Greene to prevent another Devante Parker situation? Can the Eagles match physicality with FSU like they did for the first half of last seasons game or will it be a long night?

Lingering Questions

Will FSU come out clicking right out of the tunnel or will it take them their usual two quarters to get everything rolling? It's been an emotional week in Tallahassee, how will this unite the school and team? Over/under on TV mentions of Jameis Winston's off-field issues? Over/under on close ups of Steve Addazio screaming about something? Can Boston College either keep this close or win this one? Or is that asking too much?

What To Drink To Prepare For a Clash With A National Titan

I have to be honest here, I don't know Florida beers that well—yeah, yeah I know what you are thinking: "AJ, come on, you know beers from everywhere, you lousy drunk"—but honestly I don't! So in order to get the best choice I reached out to Jeff, a diehard FSU football fan, to ask for his opinion on a good Tallahassee beer, and I got not only one option, but two!

Just as a note, the beer company that Jeff picked has a perfect 99 score on Beer Advocate, which means a little something.

Proof Brewing's In Session Pale Ale. Despite its name, it is not exactly "sessionable" (6.4%), but has a very up front hop flavor for a non-IPA. Hop heads will love it, and it has a light body to it too.

Or if you want something a bit bigger, there's Proof's Warpath Imperial IPA (10%), which is surprisingly drinkable. (Ed. note: is there a more perfect name for a beer brewed in Tally?)

Baldwin Jr.

Baldwin Jr is going to take this week off in respect to the FSU community and the events on Thursday night. Stay strong Seminoles nation.

FSU Ribbon

Gametime Song Of The Week

If you don't like my song choice, here is a Youtube Playlist Of The Blues Brothers

LL Cool J - I'm Bad. Before there was Kanye West, before there was Drake, hell before there was Snoop, there was LL Cool J. He was the original MC, he redefined literally everything about rap from the way he dropped his rhymes, his look, his dancing, and his subject matter. He was commercial, but man for the early 80's he was HARD. The track I picked was back when he was still a hard rapper, before he sold out and starting singing love songs to the ladies and started acting in CSI or whatever show he is on. I think people nowadays discredit what LL did because of the way his career shifted, but looking at his older work you can see that he was clearly an innovator and his rhymes are fantastic. Too bad he let it all go, he still had some great tracks in the 90's (he beef with Canibus was AMAZING).

BCI Staff Predictions and GPS

Brian - Over in California, Mr. Brian will be huddle up with the family cursing at the television. 42-30 FSU

Jeff - What you don't know about Jeff is that he is actually the special teams coach for the Eagles. No seriously though, he's watching the game in South Carolina. 33-28 FSU

A.J - Will actually be watching this game in Philadelphia as I am traveling for my first marathon this weekend. Not expecting many happy thoughts on Saturday though. 38-13 FSU

Grant - His wife may or may not have left him in the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland, which Grant wouldn't mind if they have wifi on it so he can watch all the BC men's and women's hockey games. 45-10 FSU

Joe - This post has been written before Joe bravely travels to the Mullin Center for the hockey game. Hopefully on Saturday morning Joe hasn't become part of the grounds there.  44-31 BC YOLO

Dan - Is currently on his honeymoon, drinking something screw him. He didn't leave a prediction so I'll just make one up for him. Happy wedding buddy. 28-10 FSU

The BC Interruption Prediction Game

So remember when we all thought BC could beat Louisville. Everyone laugh at the funny joke! Well Grant was the only one that got the Cardinals game correctly, so he gets a whopping 12 points, while the rest of us clowns get a fat goose egg. Joe is going for the power move this week, being the only writer to pick the Eagles.

Grant 11 0 0 8 0 12 8 6 0 12 57
Jeff 2 0 0 10 0 10 12 4 8 0 46
Brian 11 0 0 4 0 6 10 12 0 0 43
AJ 8 0 0 12 0 0 0 8 10 0 38
Joe 4 0 0 6 0 8 6 2 12 0 38
NG 6 12 0 2 0 0 0 10 0 0 30

BC Interruption's Picture Page

Anyone going to be in Tallahassee for the game? Checking out the FSU pre-game rituals? Or watching it somewhere else for a BC meetup at a bar? Make sure to put up your photos on Facebook, or if you want you can email them directly to me at bchysteria at gmail dot com. Please make sure you understand that by emailing them to us you are giving us the right to use your pictures on our posts!

Superfan Thermometer

So can BC pull off the shocker and beat the undefeated Florida State? Leave your thoughts and predictions below. Go Eagles!

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