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Boston College Football: BCI Radio Bye Week Coverage LIVE at 8 PM

New Guy's not going to be around next week, so this is his only chance to really tell everyone how he feels about Jameis Winston, Jimbo Fisher, the Louisville game.

Jeff Gammons

We're onto Florida State.

The Louisville game is what it is, a loss to a better team executing a better gameplan. The Cardinals beat BC in all three phases--offense, defense, and special teams. There's nothing more to say other than these things happen, that it doesn't mean the season is over, and that the Eagles have to put this one behind them.

The bye week couldn't come at a better time, with the Eagles needing to heal up physically and mentally after a brutal stretch. They'll now have two weeks to prepare for a trip to Tallahassee to play the defending national champions, the #2 team in the nation, and the team with the inside track to not only the ACC Championship but also to the College Football Playoff--Florida State.

Any time a team plays Florida State, there's tons to talk about. The Seminoles are embarrassingly rich with talent, the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, and a great coaching staff. On the field, they're the premier team, the one capable of elevating their game and winning when they absolutely have to.

But they're mental midgets off the field. There's investigation after investigation, controversy after controversy. They're Public Enemy #1, a team everyone loves to hate, a team that nobody in their right mind wants as their top representative. Their attitude borders on reprehensible, and they're operating on a plane and within a culture where the rules seemingly don't apply.

So for the next two weeks, the Boston College hype machine will build and contruct a game that'll be increasingly anticipated. Boston College can elevate their game, but they've been beaten and battered late. Florida State is ludicrously stupid good, but they're also ludicrously stupid.

Tune in tonight at 8 PM. It's Dan's only chance to throw venom at the Seminoles, and it surely won't disappoint. AJ joins him for the first of two weeks before game week next Tuesday. It's going to be an insane show and it can be caught here live at 8 PM. Call in and voice your opinion at 646-200-0446.

We'll also have some basketball and hockey on the menu, so send Dan off on his vacation with some great sports talk and the hottest sports takes you can imagine.

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