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Florida State 48, Boston College 34: Quotables

Coach / player quotes and reactions following Boston College's 48-34 loss to No. 8 Florida State.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Addazio's overall thoughts on the performance:

"Obviously we have a very disappointed locker room right now. I told our players in the locker room, that I was extremely proud of their effort. I was extremely proud of how hard they played and the way we came back from adversity after half time. I thought our team played with a lot of pride and a lot of toughness. We made plays. We gave up too many big plays. I told them that there are no moral victories in football. While I am proud of their effort, and I really am proud of their effort, I want them to absorb that feeling of what it takes to compete with the number eight team in the country."

"You come out of that game and you don't feel good at all because it's all about winning. That's all that matters is winning. But you feel like you've got the foundation in place of a team that's going to battle and be tough. We have to have a great day tomorrow and we have to come back next week with the same effort and the same intensity. We've got to get ready to play the same level that we played at this week, we have to play on Saturday. That won't be easy. That's the challenge but that's what it is, week in and week out. That's the grind. I want our team to learn that and I want them to embrace it. That's the challenge that we have."

"I don't think anybody walked out of that stadium feeling like their team didn't fight, feeling like they didn't compete. I don't think that's the case."

"That's what's so important in this message. I told them don't walk out of here with a smile on your face thinking that you got some moral victory because you didn't. We lost the game. Bottle the feeling of what it takes to win with the effort and the intensity with laying it all on the line with no guarantee that success is going to follow it. Then you're going to win your share of games."

Addazio on the last play of the first half resulting in a Florida State touchdown:

"It was devastating giving up that big play before the half. We had the kid on the ground but we came right back out of there. We popped that kickoff return back, scored a field goal, came back and fought them."

"I am upset about the big plays. We let up too many big plays on defense. You can't do that. That's upsetting to me."

"We played that game physically enough to win it. We gave up too many big plays and that cost us a football game. That didn't have to happen."

Addazio on the play of the BC Special Teams:

"We brought a kickoff return almost back to the house. We brought a couple of punts back. You saw the emergence of our special teams for the first time this season. Our special teams were a positive factor."

Senior DE Kasim Edebali on the defensive game plan:

"We came in with a great game plan and that's keep playing aggressive. We try to get after the quarterback and if you do that a lot and keep playing aggressively, there might be a couple of holes in the back end. Whenever there was a hole on our end, FSU made sure to execute."

Senior OL Ian White on the offense's execution:

"I talked to you earlier in the week and I said every play works if you execute. If you look at the first half, we executed our plays and ran the ball physically like we wanted to do. We had the game where we wanted it." On Florida State responding:

"If you run downhill and hit them in the mouth enough, they're going to start stepping back and playing around the blocks instead of through them. There were times when I felt like we had them there. I thought there were times when we had them backing up on the ropes."

Senior RB Andre Williams on learning from the loss:

"I think this game was invaluable in [terms of] experience. Just comparing it to how we came out of the half against USC, we might have let a little air out of the bag. We came in the locker room and found a way to keep our energy up and play another half of football."

Williams on true freshman RB Myles Willis:

"Myles is a really great kid. He has sweet feet and he's fast. He really gave us a boost when he got that wheel route for the touchdown and on the kickoff return. He's fast. We should have taken better advantage of that field position but now we know he is a weapon out there."

Senior QB Chase Rettig on what he took away from the game:

"Looking back at the game, we were right there. We had a lot of guys working hard and sticking together. We were really good up front on offense. They played so hard. We kept fighting, trying to get back in the game and I think we did a good job of that. There are a lot of good things to take from this game moving forward. No moral victories. I'm sure we will see some success down the road."

Rettig on the team's difference from last year:

"The coaching staff is just doing a good job with us, motivating us and making us play for one another. If you're speaking offensively, we are so much better up front and are able to run the ball. There are a couple of plays that determine the outcome - and we made a lot today - but versus a team like that you have to be perfect."

Rettig on Myles Willis:

"He has a lot of speed. Our special teams did a good job blocking and he hit the hole. He had a big reception and some nice runs. We know what he can be and what he can do on the field. Our coaches have done a really good job putting him certain plays where we go to him."

Freshman RB Myles Willis on his effort:

"Today I had to give more than I ever have. I definitely didn't have to give that much in high school. To have that production, make some big plays, give all you have and still come out with a loss really hurts."

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